NEW PassLeader HP HPE0-J58 Exam Dumps/Braindumps/Practice Tests [VCE & PDF Files]

NEW PassLeader HP HPE0-J58 Exam Dumps/Braindumps/Practice Tests [VCE & PDF Files]

Part of new HP HPE0-J58 exam questions from PassLeader:


A customer needs to upgrade their existing HPE 3PAR environment. They ask you to present a solution to gather data from all 200 of their HPE 3PARs arrays, which are spread across the globe. The arrays consist of various generations and OS levels, and they are managed by regional instances of SSMC. What should you present to the customer as a solution?

A.using an HPE 3PAR CLI script with the checkupgrade command

B.using a script based on the HPE 3PAR Web Services API

C.using the upgrade report tool in HPE InfoSight

D.using the SSMC array configuration reports

Answer: D



A customer has an aging Fibre Channel SAN from one vendor and a separate iSCSI SAN from another vendor. The customer wants to upgrade to a single vendor that will allow them to manage the SAN through a single vendor management console. Which solution should you recommend? HPE Nimble iSCSI group federated to an HPE 3PAR for Fibre Channel HPE Nimble Storage Fibre Channel Group and one HPE Nimble Storage iSCSI Group HPE Nimble Fibre Channel group federated to an HPE 3PAR for iSCSI HPE Nimble Storage Group that has a Fibre Channel port and a ISCSI pool

Answer: B


A customer with an existing StoreOnce 5100 appliance needs guidance on determining long-term expected growth of the storage utilization based on actual usage. However, the customer's ISV backup software only shows 30 days of historical data. Which step should be performed to check the StoreOnce 5100 for best practices and allow for growth planning?

A.Run the DD Analyzer Sizing Tool

B.Run the HPE Storage Sizer tool

C.Perform an HPE NinjaProtected+ assessment

D.Register StoreOnce 5100 in the InfoSight portal

Answer: B


A customer needs a new replication solution that makes use of capacity efficiency technologies, even though data is being replicated to another array. You have been developing a solution that includes two HPE 3PAR arrays. What should you emphasize in your proposal?

A.The arrays share deduplication hash tables, and the target array only needs to compress the replicated data from the source array.

B.Compression technologies increase the effective bandwidth being available for replication and disaster recovery.

C.Thin Technologies, deduplication, and compression can be used on both sides with volumes in Remote Copy groups.

D.The data being replicated will travel the connection between the arrays fully compressed and deduplicated.

Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit. A customer is looking to replace the backup environment shown. Which HPE Storage Tool should you use to assess their backup environment?


A.HPE NinjaProtected+

B.HPE Storage Sizer

C.HPE NinjaCrawler

D.DD Analyzer

Answer: A



A customer experiences a performance issues and blames the HPE 3PAR array. However, you suspect it is caused by a noisy neighbor situation in the VMware environment. Which approach should you use to find and prove a root cause?

A.Use Brocade Network Advisor to gather data for analysis.

B.Use the advanced performance reports in SSMC.

C.Use HPE SAF Collect to gather data for SAF Analyze.

D.Use HPE InfoSight Cross Stack Analytics.

Answer: B


A customer is experiencing high utilization on their VMware ESXi server NICs when they backup virtual machines stored on an HPE 3PAR 8200. Which technology is available on a StoreOnce VSA to reduce the network utilization?

A.Catalyst target-side deduplication.

B.Transportable shadow copies.

C.Backup from storage snapshots.

D.Adaptive Data Reduction.

Answer: A


You are working on a multi-site, high availability proposal and are recommended that the customer order two HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 systems. In addition to the two arrays which additional business value option can you add to the proposal the CIO?

A.installation, setup, and configuration

B.HPE 3PAR SW implementation service and transfer of knowledge protection strategy

D.service and phone home support

Answer: A


Your customer wants to lower operational costs by automating Brocade SAN Fabric Zoning to their HPE 3PAR StoreServ array. Which HPE tools can do this for your customer? (Choose two.)

A.HPE 3PAR SmartStart

B.HPE OneView

C.HPE 3PAR Management Console

D.HPE Smart SAN for HPE 3PAR

E.HPE 3PAR Rapid Provisioning

Answer: BD


During a presentation of an HPE 3PAR StoreServ asynchronous replication design, a company administrator asks about a possible benefit of the Inter Volume Group Fast Resync functionality in the proposed design. What are the expected benefits you should discuss? (Choose two.)

A.efficient bandwidth utilization of their links between the sites

B.faster resynchronization of volume groups after volume moves

C.greater flexibility when volumes need to be moved between volume groups

D.low impact on Remote Copy performance after volume moves between groups

E.short Quiet period waits after moving a volume(s) between volume groups

Answer: BD


Refer to the Exhibit. A customer with an existing HPE Nimble installation sends you the output shown. The administrator who initially set up the replication has left the company. They ask you what the current RPO level for their replication is. How should you respond?


A.They need to verify the RPO level from the host vc-ms-fileserver.

B.They have an RPO of four minutes.

C.They need to send a screenshot of the volumes tab.

D.They have an RPO of two minutes.

Answer: B


A customer requests a proposal for two HPE 3PAR arrays using asynchronous periodic replication. The customer has two data centers, and the current bandwidth available for replication between the data centers is 200 Mb/s. The customer is replicating 30TB, and the change rate is 3% in 24 hours. The customer wants to achieve an RPO of 10 minutes. Which statement about bandwidth and replication is true for the customer requirements?

A.The bandwidth is sufficient, and replication must happen every 5 minutes.

B.The bandwidth will have to be increased, and replication must happen every 5 minutes.

C.The bandwidth is sufficient, and replication must happen every 10 minutes.

D.The bandwidth will have to be increased, and replication must happen every 10 minutes.

Answer: B


You are discussing a HPE 3PAR Remote Copy solution with your customer. The customer has had a bad experience in their current non-HPE replication solution. Currently the source and target volume properties on the array must be identical on both sides and cannot be changed without re-creating the volumes. What should you explain to the customer?

A.Source and target disk type and RAID level can be different and adapted to changing requirements.

B.On the target array volumes can be pinned into cache for maximum flexibility.

C.All data from the source array will automatically be replicated to the target array using AI to determine the best location where to store the data.

D.Flash data can only be replicated to flash media on the target array, while spinning media can be replicated to flash media.

Answer: D


You completed the HPE Nimble storage replication partnership in a customer environment. When you test the network connection from the primary partner to the secondary partner, the test fails; when you test the connection from the secondary to the primary partner, the test is successful. What is the most likely cause of the failure?

A.The secondary partner name is not configured properly.

B.The secondary array network ports are misconfigured.

C.The test can only be performed from the secondary array.

D.The primary partner name is not configured properly.

Answer: A


You are starting an assessment to design a new multi-storage environment for a customer. You have collected data on all the current arrays using SAF collector. What should be the next step in your design process?

A.Open the .zip file with NinjaSTARS

B.Import the .zip file into OCA

C.Send the .zip file to

D.Upload the .zip file to the SAF Portal

Answer: A


You are proposing StoreOnce as a new backup target. Which features should you emphasize that will help the customer protect and recover data from external attacks on local data? (Choose two.)

A.StoreOnce Catalyst stores are only accessible via the API

B.StoreOnce has firewalls to protect the repositories

C.StoreOnce is immune from ransomware

D.StoreOnce has malware protection

E.StoreOnce has encryption of data at rest and data in-flight

Answer: CE



A customer wants to implement a disaster recovery plan for their current HPE 3PAR array data. They have obtained a remote site 10km away their primary site. They have performed bandwidth testing, and have confirmed their RTT is approximately 100ms. The customer needs to provide data replication to assure the best data availability they can achieve. Which synchronization method meets their needs?

A.Asynchronous Streaming

B.Asynchronous Periodic Remote Copy

C.Synchronous Remote Copy

D.Peer Persistence

Answer: B


A customer is expecting rapid growth of their data storage needs on their HPE Nimble arrays. Which HPE tool should you recommend to best assist with capacity planning?

A.NinjaStars for Nimble



D.One Config Advanced

Answer: D


A customer wants to enable an automated failover for their two existing HPE 3PAR solutions, which are located in two different sites. Each solution has an All-inclusive Single-System Software license. Which component is required to enable this function?

A.All-inclusive Multi-System Software License.

B.Fibre channel Bridges to connect the disk shelfs.

C.Additional HPE 3PAR system as quorum witness.

D.Dark fibre connection between the sites.

Answer: A


What is one of the advantages of protecting HPE 3PAR File Persona with RMC?

A.MS SQL data consistency is provided.

B.Single file recovery is possible.

C.Transparent failover is offered If clients are using SMB 3.0, even if you recover to another 3PAR.

D.Backup throughput will be considerably faster than other backup methods.

Answer: D

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