[Sense Soccer] Football Is Connected with Everything

(Missing football matches, pic=FA)

Due to COVID, we cannot live well. I cannot get a new job so I am very nervous and depressed. However, I will develop myself overcoming this situation. To be positive, I can write articles to develop my writing skills so it is thankful for me.

Today, I am going to write the subject which is 'Football Is Connected with Everything.' The football league EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga and etc were stopped by COVID. Out Korean football league K-League was also ceased. Because of COVID, workers related with football are hard. Normally, we think football emplyoees are players, workers of team and staffs but there are so many people connected as well.

(Bundesliga clubs supported other Bundesliga's teams, pic=Interfootball)

Team and Team, First Division and Second Division

In competition, teams are enemy each other. During the season, teams are fighting to win but they are partner. They need each other to maintain league and competitiveness. As doing so, they can be supported by media and companies. Also, if there is just one team or two and three teams in the league, then will you see it? I will not. I am not interested.

To maintain First division, they need Second division. Teams have to compete each other to go next level so that fans like and watch the match consistently. Bundesliga teams realized it so they donated to low rank teams. I really respect their decision.

To be developed and maintain the league, competition is surely needed. Also, money is essential. With their decision that is donation for other teams, Bundesliga is a global football league.

(Companies supported players and clubs as an advertisement, pic=Yonhap News)

Advertisement, Broadcasting Fee and Ticket Price - Club and Workers Related with Football

Advertisement, broadcasting fee and ticket price are important for football. They are needed to maintain football league. But, it is too hard to retain them due to COVID. First, players and staffs are victims. Secondly, workers who are related with football are damaged.

Especially, Adidas, Nike, Puma and etc will be damaged. Their sales volume may be lower then before. To be honest, football categories are not influenced highly. But new products are affected. To promote new goods, company support players and clubs.

The astronomical amount of money for promotion was put into football so companies are unbearable to get a result. They cannot review their performance. People who are playing football as an activity may not buy football goods now. They cannot play football frequently like the time when COVID was not happened. I don't know this is tough season for companies exactly but I can guess they are in hard time to get a good result.

In addition, clubs are very tough season. To maintain a team, they need huge capital. For it, broadcasting fee is inevitable. In EPL case, if they could not resume, they would refund £762m. To keep star players, clubs should play to receive broadcasting fee. Also, we cannot ignore ticket price.

(Tokyo Olympics was delayed to 2021, pic=Yonhap News)

Connection between Football and Politics

Football is also connected with politics. 2020 Tokyo Olympics were delayed to next year. We can find relation between sports and politics. If Japan prime minister held it constrainedly, he could not draw votes. It is a big deal. Abe has a plan to get votes with Olympics performance for next election.

Delay of Olympics is connected to football. In case of Korean football team, there are many players aged 23. By Olympics rule, only under 23 years of age can be assigned as a player. However, some people have claimed they should revise a rule only this case because of COVID. Especially, Olympics is important to Korean football players to be exempted from military service.

COVID gave us many realization of our normal life. It was happy to watch football matches easily on weekends. Winning the league is not easy things. With no worries, it was precious to play together. I really hope and pray that this situation will be finished ASAP.

Finally, I would like to say. "Don't miss out preciousness by falling for familiarity."

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