Guests on the doorstep: how to clean the apartment in 1 hour

Even the most wasteful mistress, suddenly learning that guests will come to the threshold in just an hour, begins to panic and get lost. It happens that you just came home from work, the sink is littered with dirty dishes, scattered things are lying all over the apartment, and the cat is comfortably basking on the sofa, soaking it not only with its smell, but also with its wool. In this situation, you can either refuse to receive guests, or complete the cleaning in 60 minutes. Believe me, this time is quite enough if you use it wisely.


To clean an apartment in one hour, all your actions must be as effective as possible. And talking about effectiveness without preparation is impossible. What will need to be done:

§ Determine the real amount of work. Cleaning the entire apartment is probably not necessary. After all, if guests are sitting in the hall, then the nursery and bedroom, for example, can simply be closed;

§ Open the windows. This will help to weather odors while you are busy with other things;

§ Collect all the dirty dishes and put them away, or soak them in hot water. A little detergent will not hurt here;

§ If the stove is in poor condition, also treat it with chemistry;

§ Apply cleaning products to the bathtub, sink, toilet bowl. Guests will definitely use these things.

You can cope with all these tasks in just 15 minutes, which means that you have another 45 minutes left.


It should begin with the entrance. Put the shoes in their places, and put the extra in the nightstand. Do the same with clothes. The main thing is that the hallway should be free. Then minor flaws will not be evident.

Bathroom and toilet

While you were sorting clothes and shoes in the hallway, the previously applied chemistry must have already done its job. Wipe the sink, toilet and bath with a damp cloth, and after that with a microfiber cloth. Rubbing to a shine is not necessary - it is enough to get rid of visible dirt.

Do not forget to wash the soap dish and put a new bar of soap in it. Also pay special attention to the mirror. Put glass cleaner on it and quickly wipe it with an ordinary paper towel. If necessary, mop the floor with a little liquid soap or mop.

Living room


Wash soaked dishes with clean water, rinse previously applied detergent from the stove, wipe all work surfaces. In an extreme case, you can start cleaning the kitchen last, as you can carry out all these manipulations if necessary after the arrival of the guests, when you carry bags of groceries to the kitchen.

Of course, you will not be able to do the cleaning perfectly and get rid of all the dirt in the apartment, but in general, in 60 minutes you can prepare a house for an unexpected reception. And if you want the house to be always clean, but you don’t have time for daily cleaning, think about professional cleaning. Good luck

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