How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

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Now, people are reckoning that CBD oil also helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Even though research on erectile dysfunction (specifically) is low, the problems which lead to this condition have known to be treated well by a regular intake of CBD oil.

So, how do you use CBD oil for the successful treatment of erectile dysfunction and improve your sex life? Well, let’s learn about it all.

What is erectile dysfunction?

For anyone who is wondering, erectile dysfunction or ED is the inability in men to obtain or sustain an erection for a considerable period. Also known as impotency, men who suffer from this dysfunction can’t perform in bed and that lowers their self-esteem. There is no prize for guessing that erectile dysfunction the sex life of such men.

Therefore, a solution is required for the permanent treatment of this problem. As per research and studies, anxiety is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. Here are some other symptoms of the same-

High blood pressure

Heart problems


Increased age



Pains and aches

Hardening of blood vessel disease and many more

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What does the research say?

CBD can play a significant part in treating this problem. It can be understood from the point that there have been many cases where CBD oil helped in the alleviation of anxiety, which is the core issue of performance in men.

review2018 study


Thus, it is a good option for men suffering from erectile dysfunction to try and who knows, they might get a natural solution to their problem.

Apart from the above studies, CBD oil is also known for enhancing sex drive, boosting libido, enhances relaxation, and intensifying pleasure by the intense supply of nerves to the genitalia.

How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction?

CBD oil

dosage of CBD oil

Use a dropper to put it underneath your tongue and hold it still for a minute, before you swallow it. Holding it for a while under your tongue, helps the oil get absorbed in your bloodstream quickly and smoothly.

Thus, CBD oil works best for erectile dysfunction. Here are more reasons to support the argument.

It is easy to administer
It can be taken with tea, coffee, and all kinds of drinks
It is safe to use
It doesn’t come with any side effects
It mixes with the bloodstream quickly and thus, shows results in no time

Does CBD oil really help in erectile dysfunction?

Well, CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant and already known for relieving people from a lot of health problems. Since it affects a lot of physiological, mental, and emotional functions of the body, CBD helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction by helping in the following conditions-

Relieves anxiety
Increases autonomic nervous activity
Combats inflammation
Reduces pain
Prevents vaginal dryness
Boosts mood and pleasure
Enhances sexual experience
Relaxes the body
Calms down the mind
Reduces depression

When mixed with a drink, CBD oil can naturally make your sexual experience one-of-a-kind and amazing! Many people have reported that both parties reached orgasm after taking CBD. In fact, more than 30% of men lasted longer than usual before reaching an orgasm. Thus, it can be said that CBD oil plays a crucial role in treating erectile dysfunction.


If your body feels anxious or depressed or stressed, then reaching orgasm during sex can be quite a problem. Thus, it is important to reach a state of balance, or at least normalcy before going for your next sexual experience, especially if you are a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, then it is advisable to go for a CBD course, of course, after consulting with your doctor or a medical practitioner. If all works out well, you will get rid of your problem and be your better self.

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