Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying My First Turntable

I bought my first vinyl record 20 years ago

and I've probably made every mistake,possible in trying to get it to sound

any good vinyl is a fickle medium and it,requires care knowledge to make it work

and much can go wrong this is the list,of things I wish I knew when I was

starting out number one regard your,turntable as an instrument instruments

are expensive but if you want to play,music you need to invest in something of

decent quality even if you are a,beginner every musical instrument has a

toy version available for much cheaper.

But they just won't cut it and you won't really be able to make much music with it,are some examples toy keyboard keyboard toy trumpet trumpet likewise,toy turntable turntable unfortunately many companies that sell toy turntables,try and sell their products as the real deal and if you are just getting into,the Hobby you might not know what to look for this leads me to tip number two,don't buy any turntable that has a cartridge that looks like this these are,all toys the cartridge is the most

important part of a turntable.

If a,manufacturer is putting the cheapest available cartridge on their product,they aren't taking it seriously and neither should you,look for a turntable that has a

removable cartridge with two screws on a,top most entry-level turntables will use

a version of the AT3600 cartridge which,is an acceptable place to start the

cheapest turntable I can find that meets,this criteria is the Crosley T 400 which

retails for about 75 dollars but don't,rush out and buy it as it doesn't meet

my Third Point pay attention to WoW and,flutter

Wow and flutter refers to the motor's,ability to rotate the platter at a

consistent speed bad Wow and flutter can,make the music sound quicker or slower

than it should and fluctuate between the,two a turntable with a Wow and flutter

higher than point 20% is unacceptable,and the closer you can get to zero the

better if a turntable has poor Wow and,flutter the manufacturer likely won't

list its value in the specs Crosley,does not publish the Wow and flutter for

the t 400 and therefore we can assume,that it does not need the basic

requirements the cheapest turntable I,can find that meets points 2 & 3 is the


that I would consider an instrument and,not a toy though it is just barely

holding on to the bottom rung number four,when in doubt by used just like when

beginning with other instruments it,makes much more sense to start with

something that is used than new doing so,will allow you to get something that

meets the basic requirements for less,money US Audio Mart and its Canadian

counterpart Canuck Audio Mart is a great,place to find used equipment owned and

cared for by knowledgeable and,enthusiastic people you should check it

out everything I recommended in this,video can be found in my Amazon

storefront follow the link in my,description to find it all this video

took me a long time to put together and,I hope you found it useful thank you for


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