Paris student budget

- Accommodation costs: if you live in a university residence in Le Crous, the rent will not be very high: around 150 to 350 € depending on the surface area (9m² minimum) and the location. But if you are not so lucky, prices can increase very quickly: if it is possible to find a studio for 350 or 400 € in the provinces, it is difficult to get one for less than 800 € in Paris (about 600/650 € for a maid's room). These figures have changed slightly since the law on rent control.

What budget to plan for your student accommodation

- Meals: a U-restaurant ticket costs €3.25 (2017-2018 price list), so including dinner, breakfast and weekends, you should be able to get by on about €200-300, and even less if your U-restaurant is open in the evening.

Student solidarity grocery stores are developing, a good way to get food at low cost.

- Public transport: depending on the city and the distances travelled, the range can be very wide, from 15 to 50 € . For the Paris region, the price - which has become unique - for the start of the 2017 academic year for the Imagine R packages is €350 per year (including €8 for administrative costs).

- Telephone and internet: it all depends on your appetite! With the new low-cost offers, and if you don't lose your phone every 6 months, you can get away with it... 20 € + 20 € unlimited. If you are - and this is often the case - a smartphone enthusiast and a big consumer, this budget can double.

- Maintenance and hygiene: between €50 and €100 per month.

- Miscellaneous (pharmacy, outings, books, clothes, etc.): the most variable part of course! Let's say that if you're reasonable, you can get by for €200 to €300 per month.

The average monthly budget of a single student therefore ranges from €600 to over €1,000 per month. At least according to our calculations... Because according to studies, the real figure of the average budget available to students is a little less than €400.

Beware of the first month of university: between enrolment, student social security, deposits and agency fees for housing, insurance, etc., this budget can quickly double or even triple.

As for student grants, they only arrive at the end of October. So plan to put some money aside if you have worked during the summer in order to cover your expenses, and apply as soon as possible for APL or ALS for your housing.

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