Wingtip is a style of brogue shoes made first in Scotland, others may call this style "Full Brogues". Every businessman that owns suits will own a pair or two of brogue shoes. It's probably the most classic shoes in menswear. So, let's get to know it a bit better. There are four types of brogue, defined by their toe cap styles with layer of perforated (broguing) design leather but I find "wingtips" style to be most versatile and most popular among men. Full brogues (also known as wingtips) are characterized by a pointed toe cap with extensions (wings) that run along both sides of the toe, terminating near the ball of the foot. Viewed from the top, this toe cap style is "W" shaped and looks similar to a bird with extended wings, explaining the style name "wingtips" that is commonly used in the US. If the wingtips has 2 tone colors, it's also often call "spectator shoes", still people will consider them as wingtip shoes. Wingtip has come a long way from being wet shoes for Scottish in the old days and mainstream businessmen shoes.Now, there are tons of different wingtips you can own these days from their colors, sole types and heights. Because of that, the rules of wearing this shoes has changed, mainstream street has embraced it and some cool wingtips are looking more casual than original classic ones which makes them more versatile to wear with shorts, khakis, jeans and traditional suits.

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