QUIZ: Which K-drama second lead is your dream man?

Almost all K-drama viewers have suffered Second Lead Syndrome at some point, where they wish the lead female would choose the second male lead. Whenever Second Lead Syndrome comes up, fangirls everywhere exclaim, "I'll take him!" But what if you really COULD have a K-drama second male lead in your life? Which one should you choose? Take this quiz to find out! 1. Which talent do you find most attractive? A. Cooking B. Classical violin C. Drums D. Stealth and martial arts E. Judo 2. What look do you prefer in a man? A. Like a Banana Republic catalog--classic chic B. Immaculate, white outfits that scream "money" C. The idol look--a little wacky, but cute D. Scruffy, manly, and not afraid to sport some facial hair E. 1950s rocker--leather, straight pants, and Elvis hair 3. What emotional baggage are you most willing to accept in your love? A. A not-so-innocent past--but he's reformed now! B. Everyone in his family is dead. Everyone. C. No baggage, but sometimes he doesn't take things seriously enough D. He tries to incite rebellion and avenge his brother's death in his free time. E. Abusive father and absent mother 4. What life status do you prefer in a love interest? A. 30s and established professional B. graduating high school C. young professional D. university student E. middle of high school, but he looks older 5. Which Disney Prince is your favorite? A. Philip: He has some sly wit, and he's not bad in a fight, either B. Prince Charming: The handsome, silent type C. Eric: Always the life of the party D. The Beast: Growly on the outside, but a big softie on the inside E. Princes are boring. I prefer the villains. 6. What is your ideal Friday night? A. Homemade romantic dinner for 2 B. Sightseeing in an exotic city C. Laughing and joking around wherever you are--even at a grocery store D. Learning a new physical skill, like archery E. Eating noodles as you bare your soul 7. What is your ideal response to conflict? A. Self-sacrifice as a bargaining tool B. Gathering the gang to take care of it together C. Comedic relief D. Punching the person causing the problem E. Threats 8. Choose a song A. "The Way You Look Tonight", Frank Sinatra B. "I'll Be", Edwin McCain C. "Party Rock Anthem", LMFAO D. "Eye of the Tiger", Survivor E. "Wrecking Ball", Miley Cyrus Watch exes duke it out and fall back in love in the comedic medical drama Emergency Couple. Now tally up the number of times you chose each letter to discover your ideal match! A: Master, Dating Agency: Cyrano You like the nice, sweet, clean-cut type, but with a little bit of an edge. Once you taste his cooking, you're more than willing to overlook his shady past. Look forward to a future of long talks over scrumptious meals! B. Ji Hoo, Boys over Flowers You want someone tender and supportive. He isn't incredibly outgoing or social, but you can always count on him to be there for you when you need him. C. Jeremy, You're Beautiful You want someone who makes you laugh. Whenever you're having a bad day, you can count on him to make you feel better. Bonus: You can hang out with his dog, Jolie! D. Geol Oh/ Jae Shin, Sungkyunkwan Scandal You're drawn to rough-and-tumble types. You don't mind working a little to get past the "Crazy Horse" exterior to find the sweet, gentle man on the inside. Just be aware that you might have to spend your weekends patching up sword wounds from his late-night escapades! E. Young Do, Heirs When you say you like bad boys, you really mean it. In your mind, hot tempers, violence, and bullying are all just more opportunities for reform! Just be careful--while Young Do turned out okay in the end, you might want to rethink your general taste in men. (And isn't "Wrecking Ball" seriously the perfect theme song for him and Eun Chan? Just read the lyrics!) So which second male lead was your match? Do you agree with the results? Comment below!

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