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In the Indian context, the Bard is the Manmohan Desai of emotions," says Dhar, who is struck by Shakespeare’s character-building. Vampires, anyone. "I always wanted to write something believable and not just a supernatural story," he says over the phone from the Landmark Bookstore, where he had an interface with his fans and media on the day the book hit the stands. Filmmaker Satish Kaushik has expressed his willingness to adapt the novel into a film. He says: "It’s high time we crossed the bridge and gave the world the ingredients of a desi superhero. "Anybody can read it. And a credible one at that. And for the government that wants to temporarily get rid of the vagabonds and beggars, this comes as a blessing in disguise. "No one can tell a story like him. A thirst for blood — pure and unadulterated!Red corporation, world’s fourth largest life sciences company, is all set to open its largest research & development (R&D) lab in Uttaranchal. The company aims to develop the next generation mutating medicinal drugs at the lab.The tale of the hunt, if told by the lion, would be a totally different one," reads the epigraph of Shantanu Dhar’s fast-paced, edge-of-the-seat thriller The Company Red that brings vampires, yes the vampires, to the familiar setting of the national capital region of Delhi.A self-professed fan of Greek tragedies and Gothic novels, Dhar’s credo has been to create believable characters. But it is Shakespeare he swears by. The Company Red, he says, is based on his study and understanding of human behaviour. The company promises to take care of thousands of such people every year, fulfilling their basic needs, like healthcare, food and education, as well as rehabilitating them, if the government allows the company to carry out testing of its drugs on them."A collector of graphic novels, Dhar prefers Frankenstein over Dracula. It is not a novel likely to whet your literary appetite. Dhar’s trigger has been the fact that India has not given the world "someone like Harry Potter". Finally, if the mention of vampires urge you to pick this one up to foray into the familiar Twilight’s world of Bella and Edward, here’s a forewarning: The Company Red is no Twilight, even though it is as easy, enjoyable and eminently unforgettable a read. The Commonwealth Games is round the corner. But if you are game for a desi thriller, care for a simple story — of vampires running amok in your own backyard — told well, it doesn’t disappoint. It will be interesting to see The Company Red’s celluloid avatar. And when Ardhendu gets to know about White’s reality, he must put everything — his mother, wife and child — at stake to defeat the latter’s evil designs on the human race.The Company Red is not a novel that you read to quench your literary thirst. But what if they had one In this tale of the hunter and the hunted — dark, baleful and bloodcurdling in bits — it is the humans who fall prey to the thirst (and hunger ) of their invented predator. There is more to White, however, than meets the eye. Ardhendu, with a little help from someone I shouldn’t reveal as well as the CIA, eventually wipes out Red from India. It is not a novel that the "literary types" would deem worthy to talk about. And, at the end, he’s offered to be a "CIA mercenary" to weed out Red from the world.

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