Health Benefits of the keto diet

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Here are some of the unexpected changes that you might notice when you are following a keto diet plan:

The rise in energy level

In the first few days after following the ketogenic diet plan, you will notice that you are going through keto flu; that is, you will experience nausea, headaches, fatigue, and a little confusion. These symptoms show that your body is switching from burning glucose for energy to burning fats. This process is called ketosis hence the name ketogenic diet. But after you are done with this process, you will experience that you have more energy than before, and you are performing more daily then what you were previously.

Diminish in anxiety and depression

Many studies show keto diet is good, reducing the anxiety. The research suggests that this is the result of the brain is getting healthy fats and very low level of sugar. People who are on a keto diet tend to be happier because of fewer carbs and sugar. This way, their body does not get those low symptoms.

Protection against type 2 diabetes

best free keto diet plans

Liver gets healthier

Fatty liver disease can damage the liver severely. Keto diet help in using the fat from the fatty liver for a form of energy. So, patients having fatty liver can benefit from a keto diet as this might help their condition, stop more fat from growing inside the liver.

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