Make your dream come true of living in Australia with Accounting PYP course.

If you have dreamt of working and living in Australia, then Accounting professional year program can become your road to success.

As directed by the Government of Australia, without work experience, it is difficult to pursue a career or get a permanent residency in Australia.

So, the Professional Year Program (PYP) in Accounting is a Department of Home Affairs initiative for international students who have completed their graduation in Accounting in Australia.

This program is designed in such a way that international graduates move closer to permanent residency by earning migration points. A point-based immigration is an immigration system in which non-citizen is evaluated upon various factors such as education level, wealth, connection with country or others to see whether he/she can be able to contribute to Australian society. A non-citizen able to score above the threshold number of points in a scoring system is granted a permanent residency.

By combining employability training, workplace knowledge and industry-relevant internship, an accounting professional year graduate becomes all ready to launch his/her accounting career in Australia. This not only makes them job-ready but increases their employment chance.

Whether Perth or Adelaide, a student has the option to get enrolled in professional year accounting after meeting the following requirements.

Professional Year Accounting in Perth

PYP Perth helps to introduce such candidates to a suitable career pathway in the country. Candidates are mandatorily required to fulfill PYP Accounting requirements to gain admission into this course. The basic eligibility requirements include an accounting degree of not less than 2 years from a recognised university in Australia. Various educational institutions and colleges in Perth now offer an interactive and online learning platform for all its PYP students.

Professional Year Accounting in Adelaide

Professional Year Accounting Adelaide

Benefits of Professional year accounting program are:

1. After successful completion of the course, you are awarded 5 additional migration points, thus making you eligible for permanent residency.

2. Understand employment ethics to work for the Australian market.

3. You get an opportunity to work and join the network with industrial and professional bodies.

4. Through the Accounting Internship program, you learn to communicate in a more professional way and got valuable work experience.

5. You get entry to Australian skilled workforce.

6. Improvement in your career skills and practical experience.

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