Start Your Online Pharmacy Delivery Business At Your Hometown With Our Uber For Pharmacy Delivery App

We can order food just with a simple tap on the mobile, book a cab anytime and reach anywhere, buy groceries of our choice. All these sectors are booming and with new users browsing the net, the market is steadily growing.

The pharmacy sector is one segment that has a lot of potentials to grow. With so much innovation in the supply chain, it is possible to efficiently deliver medicines even to the remotest locations.

Existing pharmacy business owners, as well as startups that intend to disrupt the pharmacy industry by bringing in development, can use the on-demand app-based pharmacy delivery platform to optimize and scale up the business.

The possible option to expand it by adding a chain of pharmacy stores like a marketplace or run a single store pharmacy app.

on-demand pharmacy delivery app development

Why is an app required for pharmacy delivery?

Nowadays people seek advice from a physician also for illness, coughing, cold, as well as various other serious problems. They obtain the prescription from the doctor and if the person needs the medicine urgently it is difficult during that time to look for drug stores. Here comes Uber-like an app for medicine purchase for the end-user.

Even if there is a medicine store nearby, there is little assurance that all the medications are available when required. With a pharmacy app in place, there is a lot of ease and comfort that comes in when medicine needs to be ordered. With the complete details of the medicines, the brand, it’s composition, the expiry date is made available then everything is sorted.

While for the customer, since all the required information along with discounted prices is available, there is no need to wait at the drugstore to get medicine. This saves money and time for your customers.

Advantage for pharmacists

Pharmacists who have a small outlet can enhance their growth by providing their medication shop in the medicine shipment application marketplace.

Why is a marketplace pharmacy store a more viable option?

A marketplace pharmacy delivery app is a challenging business but the ROI is considerably much better than a single store. In a marketplace, not only do you market your store but you can tie up with other pharmacy stores in various areas so that you can avoid competition and also manage more customers in different zones which otherwise could not be possible.

This model involves no supply as well as calls for very tiny infrastructure. So, as an entrepreneur, you can merge the majority of your funds on boosting the core operations of the startup.

How does the app work?

Individuals can post the prescription or enter the medications in the application after signing up the name as well as the address. The app provides details of the pharmacy stores that are near to the customer’s location and then also displays the availability of the medicines.

All that the customer then needs to do is to select the medicine, add quantity, select date and time of delivery and then move to checkout for payment.

After order confirmation, the admin appoints a shipment agency to get the medications from the pharmacy and supply it to the customer.


Like any other Uber-like on-demand application, an on-demand pharmacy delivery app consists of three platforms - app for the consumer, web-based panel for the pharmacist, and admin panel for the aggregator.

Client app

- Quick registration through social media accounts

- Locate the neighboring drug store

- Add prescriptions

- Add Doctors

- Search medicines

- Track orders

- Compare Products

- Order History

- Ask Expert

- A video conversation with the pharmacist

- Notification on order status

Pharmacist panel

- List and manage the products

- Manage products details and other information

- Order Management

- Manage delivery and shipment

- Manage prices

Admin panel

- Add pharmacists

- View orders

- Manage Drivers

- Manage payments and commission

- Store timing management

- Analytics

Apart from the above-said features, there are some more extra features that can be included based on the need.

- In-app digital settlement

- Reminder to take medication

- Alert in case of refills

- Multi-language

- Multi-currency

Getting medicine at the correct time can save one's life. Having a mobile application in today’s digital time is like a boon as it is an extremely helpful tool for many.

Infigic’s role in assisting you to launch your On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery App

on-demand medicine delivery app development

The on-demand app is designed and developed by our team of expert designers and developers. They have ensured that it matches up to the expectation of the current urban mobile users. The UI/UX is very catchy and is convenient to use.

Why wait for more? Launch your on-demand pharmacy app with Infigic as your digital partner.

Priyanka Patil is an experienced Web Developer as well as an author who works at Infigic Technologies, one of the top-notch progressive web app development company in India. As an experienced professional, she has the capability to track the Internet on a regular basis to discover trending Information regarding various Industries.
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