How To Clean Our Reusable Bamboo Cotton Make-up Remover Pads?

Lot's of you have been asking how to wash our Reusable Cotton Makeup Remover Pads.... But the truth was I did not know! So I've been around a super active on a mission to try to figure it out for you all!So after sooooo numerous humorous experiments with everything we could envision, we discovered that with most items being petroleum based dish products worked best! Whilst I can not guarantee yours will come the same, we tested these in complete 80's style and came up with our top selections. We are pretty happy that the best two were soap bars using ZERO PLASTIC REQUIRED!! Boom! They were cleaned almost straight away, I would say within 15 - 20 minutes of decorating themso might be best to maintain a soap bar in the bathroom. These ones haven't gone through the washing machine, but it's better not to allow them dry between scratching with soap bar and placing through the washing machine. Greatest Makeup Remover Wipes Cleaning Process: 1. 2. We discovered Sunlight Soap Bars to work the very best, they're available at most supermarkets and cost approximately $4 for a pack of 4 and you'll find so a lot more uses for them round the home! 3. I really discovered washing the side without makeup (if there's one) worked , as it pushed the cosmetics out of the cotton rather than to it further. 4. Wash cotton rounds using soap bar under warm water and then rinse a few times. 5. Leave a wet with little soap until you are ready to put them through the washing machine. Best to not let dry between washing and rinsing.

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