Got7 30 Days Bias Challenge Day 6-12 🌿

Hello Ahgases! I want to first apologize for this super long card. I got way behind on our challenge. I plan to catch up today. So let's begin...

Day 6. Winking

My Got7 bias Jackson winking


Day 7. Airport Fashion

My Got7 bias Jackson airport fashion

Day 8. Sleeping

My Got7 bias Jackson sleeping

Day 9. Aegyo

My Got7 bias Jackson aegyo

Day 10. Flower Crown

My Got7 bias Jackson wearing Flower Crown

Day 11. Favorite OTP

My Got7 bias Jackson with Mark aka Markson is my favorite Got7 OTP

Day 12. Fanmeeting

My Got7 bias Jackson at varies fanmeeting

Until next time Ahgases!


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