Black Cohosh Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

What is Black Cohosh?

Black cohosh is a flowering plant native to North America. Ancient cultures made use of black cohosh as a remedy for snake bites. Many Native American tribes refer to it as rattlesnake and consider it a cure-all for women’s health. It goes by several other names, including snakeroot, bugwort, rattleroot, rattletop, and Sheng Ma in China.

Here’s a deeper look into how this ancient herb works to keep you healthy:

Black Cohosh Benefits

Antioxidants in Black Cohosh

Pollutants, environmental toxins, UV rays, processed food, even some medicines can lead to oxidative stress. This results in free radical damage in your body. When free radicals enter your cells and damage your DNA, it leads to disease.



coronary artery disease

Cognitive Support


Anti-Aging Skin Benefits

vitamin Ccollagen

Black Cohosh for PMS Relief


Black Cohosh for Hormone Therapy


polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)irregular periods

ovarian cancer

Black Cohosh for Inflammation

Inflammation is at the root of many disease and ailments. It’s not inherently bad–in fact, it’s actually the body’s immune response to a wound or illness. But when left unchecked, it can lead to diseases like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Preliminary studies suggest that black cohosh acts as an anti-inflammatory, stopping cells that trigger your body’s inflammatory response. And because the same cellular pathways that trigger inflammation also set off allergic reactions, black cohosh could help relieve chronic allergies and allergy symptoms.


Black Cohosh Side Effects

Because black cohosh acts as an estrogen receptor, it may cause the following side effects:

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Vaginal spotting

Stomach pain



Other side effects may include stomach upset and weight gain.

If you are pregnant or have a hormone-sensitive condition, speak to a doctor or nutritionist before taking black cohosh.

Black Cohosh Interactions

Black cohosh may increase the risk of liver damage. Talk to your doctor before taking black cohosh if you have a history of liver problems, or if you take medication that is changed by the liver.

Black cohosh may decrease the effectiveness of certain cancer drugs. If you have cancer, talk to your doctor before taking black cohosh.

If you take medication to lower your cholesterol, talk to your doctor before taking black cohosh. It could increase your risk of liver damage.

Black Cohosh Supplements

Generally, black cohosh supplements contain the herb’s roots and stems. Supplements are available as powders, liquids, capsules, tablets, or tinctures.

Black cohosh extract powder

The Bottom Line

Black cohosh is a powerful plant with potent antioxidant benefits. It helps relieve PMS and menopause symptoms, protects your body from free radical damage, keeps your skin youthful, and may even prevent cognitive decline. And with a wealth of scientific research supporting its benefits, it’s an herbal remedy with a proven history of boosting overall health.

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