Useful Tips on Hiring a Proficient Sports Lawyer in UAE

A broad range of national and international sporting events have been one of the most vital parts of the Middle East, and especially the United Arab Emirates. The country has always been on the top when it comes to promoting and adapting the sporting interests in the entire region. Dubai is also known to host the world’s richest horse race and has the only sunset Formula One circuit in the world, among other prestigious events.

sports lawyer in the U.A.E

Things to keep in mind before hiring a sports lawyer

With the rising interest of people in sponsoring clients, UAE has become one of the most reputed countries for sports, globally. This has its downfalls in the form of scandals and challenges. To protect the interest of every brand and ensuring all scenarios are examined before making any commitment, hiring a proficient lawyer has become mandatory. Some of the key things you need to keep in mind as you are on the lookout for the suitable attorney are:

A Thorough Background Check

Ensure that you conduct an efficient background check at first and know how long the legal advisory firm has been operating. Make sure to check how they serve their customers by assessing some of their earlier works. Evaluating your lawyer’s efficiency is the key to success in any legal matter. You may reach out to a few of their past and present clients and find out more about them. This will help you surmise how he offers the services and if clients are satisfied with that. Online reviews will immensely help your cause.

The Support Staff

Evaluate the staff your lawyer works with. You need top quality services from them, and thus, make sure you know about their staff qualifications. It will confirm how competent they are. The ideal support staff should have a strong legal background, and this will be very helpful in critical situations.

Discuss the Cost of Their Services

Make sure to discuss their service charges. A legal advising firm with experience and knowledge will charge high. But what you must assess is the value for your money. Ensure you are getting quality services in return for a hefty sum. You may even check out the prevailing market price and get an idea about the right amount charged.

Method of Communication

Proper communication is integral in every field of service, and sports legal advisory services are no exception. Determine the methods your prospective sports lawyer uses to communicate with his clients. After hiring him, insist to get frequent updates on every issue related to your case. For instance, if he is working on an excellent compensation plan for you by your club, he must regularly update on the progress.

Verify Credentials from Others who Work Closely with them

To know people, it is vital to ask those who work closely with them. This way, you would be able to get new pieces of information about them, and that might aid your decision-making process. For instance, people working intimately with them will tell you about their personality, which is otherwise almost impossible to know.

A Strong Social Network

An efficient sports lawyer is one who has built a good network over the years. Sports law is a niche sector, and thus, you must acquire the services of someone highly reputed in this sector. A lot of sports-legal advisory firms host seminars, networking events, and conferences. These events provide them with an invaluable opportunity to develop relationships with influential people in the sector.


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