How long do cat litter change?

How long a cat litter cat secondary for their own characteristics, also depends on the extent of their bear, usually once a week to replace the whole day, see part of the cluster to shovel out, keep this frequency is generally not a problem. Of course, if it is a tyrant, then the full change every day, anyway, tyrant is not bad money, so clean, health, is money. The home conditions in the cat litter box after the excretion of the best end to the sun where the sun can play the role of sterilization.

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What is the role of cat litter?

The main role is to bury the cat litter cat feces and urine objects. The most important progress is the culture in the cat litter, the litter in litter is mainly early without coagulation, everyone is to receive the main cat, but with the continuous progress of CAT technology, people are not limited to such a simple storage, so they continue to appear in the present setting sand, wood sand, crystal sand, bentonite sand etc..

How long a litter shovel?

1, crystal litter: regular cleaning after use waste to keep clean, if there is more than one cat can be in proportion to shorten the replacement cycle of cat litter, rather than with more cat litter in litter box, a bag of cat litter 3.6L a cat for a month, two cats three cats for 15 days, 10 days about.

2, setting: quick condensation litter litter excrementy cat sucked into a ball, it can be eliminated when the condensation of litter litter, gradually consumed, ready to add new litter in litter, also need not give up the whole basin.

3, wood sawdust litter litter will become powder in the absorption of urine, the whole basin became almost powdery, can be discarded.

Using the method of cat litter

In 1, clean litter covered with a layer thickness of about 1.5 inches of litter in the nest.

2, regular cleaning after the use of garbage generated to ensure clean.

3, if there is more than one cat, the ratio can be shorten the replacement cycle of cat litter, rather than with more cat litter in litter box.

Litter 4, saturated in a timely manner to be cleared from the box with the spoon.

5, the litter box or litter in the clean and free of moisture, so as to prolong their service life.

Wooden Cat litter

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