How to Connect your Roku Device to Wi-Fi Without a Remote

Roku Setup Without Remote

how to setup the device without the

Roku models such as Roku Ultracredentials to login and connect your device to the Wi-Fi

How to Link the Roku using the Hotspot?

Please check whether you have subscribed for the mobile data plans and you must also follow the steps below to perform this operation:

“Mobile Hotspot”

“Set up the Mobile Hotspot”

3. You’ll be notified to proceed to the next phase and push OK to do the same

4. Now it is time to enter the Wi-Fi name and Password in the allocated spaces

5. Also, save the Hotspot that has been created

6. Finally, activate the Mobile Hotspot

The Roku Mobile App

Since the Roku remote can serve as a backup, you must install the Roku mobile app. Follow the guidelines below:

1. Hover to the Google Play store on your Android phone and search for the Roku mobile app using the search box

2. Once you have found it, click install and then the app gets downloaded

After you login using the Roku account +1-888-298-2680

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