[LIVE RECAPS] I Do I Do (Korean Drama) EP 9

------------------------------ Hello everyone, I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) --- >TaeKang sent JiAn home and EunSung waited for JiAn in front of her house. >EunSung got angry because she didn't say anything and left her office. Our TaeKang said, "Why do lose your temper for nothing? You are... couples.. aren't you? and You, you have to take care of your baby in your womb... Hwang managing director, see you tomorrow !" >Wow, TaeKang totally misunderstood! JiAn was embarrassed. TaeKang and EunSung introduced each other. The atmosphere was strained! >TaeKang promised to JiAn,"The baby's father is obstetrician... It's good...I will keep secret. Don't worry." And JiAn couldn't say the truth. >The private lesson started ! JiAn gave a heave book to TaeKang. "You have to memory all of the details! And make 100 sketch everyday!" >OMG! Seol Daeri did TaeKang's work cover for TaeKang. Of course JiAn noticed it ! >All employees went to picnic except JiAn and TaeKang.(They said it's market research..) So JiAn and TaeKang went to the park in front of the office. -TaeKang : I can't understand why women wear high-heels! -JiAn : Were you curious it before.too? You progressed:) >JiAn and TaeKang went to eat pettitoes. Then, JiAn got a call from EunSung.. - JiAn : Sorry.. but I have to go somewhere. - TaeKang : Okay.... >EunSung decided to treat JiAn because all doctors refused to treat her.lol -JiAn : No! I don't want to spread my legs in front of you. -EunSung : What's wrong? It's not weird. You are a mother ! >NaRi got a call from her mother. They planned to eat dinner together but NaRi's mother(CEO) prepared a blind date for NaRi. May be it means, don't care about company. Get married and go to somewhere~ NaRi was hurt. She went to the rooftop and met TaeKang. They drank together. >JiAn's mom visited to JiAn's home. She made a health food for JiAn. -JiAn's mom : Sometimes, I envy you. Do you know why? It's not because you earn money a lot. Because you build your life. Don't worry. I will help you! > -NaRi: TaeKang, could you tell me about your family background? -TaeKang : I live with my father. My grandma was dead. I don't have mother. - NaRi : I have 2 mothers. My real mother was a shoe designer. That's why I wanna be a shoe designer. Oh! NaRi's shoe was broken. TaeKang gave his sneaker to NaRi. SHE IS IMPRESSED BY TAEKANG's KINDNESS -_-!! > EunSung taught to JiAn a massage. It looks WEIRD ! >TaeKang tried to fix JiAn's shoes. He reformed it but not satisfied. He told to NaRi that he couldn't fix it. NaRi found the shoes from a recycling bin. Oh! Jake told that it's not bad:) >TaeKang decided to experience women's life. He had his legs waxed, did make up, wore a wig, wore skirts and HIGH HEELS !lol BUT he still doesn't understand. kkk >EunSung met JiAn's friend and gave some tips for JiAn. OMG ! TaeKang and his friend were in the same cafe. TaeKang misunderstood that EunSung meet anothr girl. JiAn's friend told to EunSung that father of JiAn's baby works in the same company with JiAn. EunSung got wind of who he is..!! TaeKang hit EunSung !!!! Upsurge of the conflicts !!! --------------------- EP 9 was over ! As the spoiler photos, NaRi is into TaeKang. TaeKang begins to learn shoe making in earnest. EunSung gets to know who is the father of JiAn's baby. I can't wait for EP 10 ! (+) I will make screencaps cards soon :) ----------------

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