Two Dangerous Ch.9

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Who: Reader x Monsta Woo ( Kim Young Woo) x Christian Yu

What: Smut/ SPY AU

Story: Just because I'm telling you this story, doesn't mean I'm alive at the end.

Chapter Nine

The rendezvous with Dong Gab and Code was quick. All the pieces in the chess game were set in place, the battle was about to begin. I headed to Changmo's base. His men guarded the doors and checked me for weapons. It was standard protocol. I walked in with a guarded escort and came to Changmo's office. Changmo's mansion was designed like a castle. It was fit for a king and even his office was so large it could've passed for a dance hall. The place was complete with bookcases, I always used to think he had some secret get away that led to an under ground tunnel some how but I never proved the theory.

Where his desk sat, the floor was raised so that you'd have to take a step up to get to him. By the window, stood two guards. The window was large, it practically took up the whole wall and the doors were made of glass and slid open to a beautiful balcony that over looked his pool. Two men stood by the entrance of the office, the door was closed and they stared ahead like london Bobby's. They didn't have any intention of moving unless they were told to or they saw immediate danger coming towards their boss. Four men in the room, that was all he needed I guess. He felt secure in his home but downstairs I had passed several of his men not just at the gates but through the hallways, pathetic street thugs that weren't worth keeping around, maybe they were waiting for him to give them an order. They were rolling dice down there, it was almost embarrassing. He had men making their rounds in the hallways, his home was a well guarded fortress.

The left corner in the back of the room had a camera at the top, the left corner in the front had a camera as well. There were a few other camera's through out the mansion and a main room where his security could watch. This was something Dong gab lacked. His mansion was gated as well so no one could come through without Changmo knowing. His backyard was a little harder to sneak through. He had sensors that turned on the lights, his cameras in the back had heat sensors too, so they could pick up if there was a living being moving about in the shadows. His tech was almost military grade. Eight men guarded the perimeter, it never seemed like enough to me. Usually, Changmo had about twenty four armed men on his property. A gang of men infiltrating his home should be easy right? I guess it depended on the size and skill of the gang.

Even I knew not to underestimate Changmo. He had men stationed not too far from his property that could come to his aid at any time all he needed to do was to push a button. That button was right under the desk he was sitting at right now. I stood on the lower half of his office. Changmo stared at me, the room was silent but there was no tension between us just stillness. The only thing I had on me was the cell phone that the boys gave me and an ink pen. I brought the phone so they would track me.

"He's dead." I finally spoke.

Changmo's eyes narrowed on me but my composure didn't falter. He smiled and stood up,

"I knew you wouldn't let me down." He said.

He stood up from his desk and walked over towards me. He kissed me full on the lips but there wasn't anything in me that wanted to even pretend to receive the kiss. My lips moved only slightly but he pulled away and chuckled,

"Did you fall in love with someone else in your new life?"

He walked past me and sat on the couch that was behind me. A large TV sat before him and in between the two was a large glass table, the legs of the table were made of marble with the design of Greek gods holding it up.

"You make it sound as if I was in love with you before."

"I'll take that as a yes."

There was a smile in his voice.

"Perhaps, but that's my business isn't it?" I said

"I suppose so. Come, have a drink with me."

I turned and walked towards the couch and leaned over the back.

"Do I get my freedom as promised?" I asked.

He ignored the question and poured a glass for me. He held the glass up to me even though I stared at him like I was telepathically telling him I wasn't going to take it. He wasn't going to take no for an answer so I grabbed the glass and took a seat next to him on the couch. Changmo took a long sip of his whiskey before he looked at me.

"Try it, it's imported." He said

"Thanks," I set the cup down on his table, "but I'd rather not."

Changmo sighed,

"I was really hoping this last job would respark the flame of the Roo I once knew."

"That girl is gone."

"Is she? You took out Taeil with no mercy, didn't you? Some part of the devil's apprentice lives inside of you. No matter how much you try to cull the craving you will always be Yong Roo. You will always seek the rush that comes with taking away a life."

I chuckled,

"You think it's the killing that makes me happy?"

I looked from the guards by the door to him. I reached for the glass again and smirked at him,

"I just like doing bad things to bad people."

"The term bad is a bit subjective, wouldn't you agree? After all, everyone has their own ideas of what bad is."

"Says the man who signs his checks as the father of lies. Satan himself would smile at your antics."

Changmo was smiling as he sipped his whiskey again. The conversation was as normal as any of our other conversations had been. Was Changmo so sure that I had returned to the woman I once was? For a while, I thought I might assume my old life, that Yong Roo would return but sitting next to him, the atmosphere just as relaxed as any other time my mission was a success now felt--disturbing. I don't know if the boys got to me or if the risk of dealing with Changmo was too high of a price for me to pay but I didn't want to be Roo again. I wanted to be Y/N.

"I am the devil, there is no other like me." He smirked.

"One count of blasphemy and two counts of arrogance, becareful with that Changmo, one day it might just get your throat cut." I smiled as I placed a finger to his neck and drew it away like I was slitting his throat.

Changmo rolled his eyes and took another drink from his glass. One of his men came by and whispered something in his ear. Changmo reached for his remote control and turned the TV on. It was past two o'clock and the video of Taeil's confession was all on the news. Every implication he made was being broadcast as an emergency message. The official's he implicated were being looked into and NIS were on their way to take the officials for questioning. Changmo was pissed,

"What?" He seethed.

He squeezed his glass so hard it broke in his hand. I had to shield my face from the shards. I looked to one of his men and said,

"First aid kit? Come on, your boss I bleeding."

I even sounded like I still worked for him. For some reason, that made my skin crawl. I wondered if he felt the energy building up in me. This need to fight, I couldn't wait for it. His guard brought over the kit and I thanked him as I opened it up and reached for Changmo's hand. I carefully pulled out the shards while he continued to watch the broadcast. The clip had ended with the reporter stating that Taeil had committed suicide by taking what seemed like poison. I was cleaning Changmo's cut with an alcohol pad when he jerked his hand in pain.


I looked up at him like he was being a big baby. His eyes then narrowed on me.

"I thought you said you killed him." He asked.

"I said he was dead, I never said I was the one who did it."

I took back Changmo's hand to wrap it up in a gauze.

"You certainly made it seem like you did."

"I wanted my freedom."

"Freedom is granted to those who do as I say." He said

Changmo snatched his hand back from me and glared at me. I had already finished bandaging up his hand though. He looked to his men,

"Send men out to Moon's home and office quickly I want every file he had on the docks wiped clean. Leave no stone unturned, kill anyone who gets in the way." He ordered.

One of the guards nodded and headed out the door. Changmo turned to me,

"And you-"

He didn't finish his thought, men ran in calling to Changmo,

"It's the White Fang they're attacking the mansion!" The man yelled.

Changmo hurried over to the door livid.

"Grab her! You're not leaving until we talk." Changmo said.

His men came towards me as he rushed out to see what was going on. The gun fire was loud, we could hear it even on the west wing of his mansion. Before they both had their hands on me, I had kicked the one that grabbed my arm first in the shin. He dropped down and I swung my arm down to punch him in the face. I ran towards the closer one, he had his gun aimed at me. I ducked under him and pushed his hand up, by the time he pulled the trigger he was shooting the ceiling. I used the bottom of my palm to hit him square in the chest knocking the wind out of him. Quickly, I grabbed the wrist holding the gun and twisted it around, stealing the gun from him. The other guards were shooting at us but I had my arm wrapped around the guards neck using his body as a shield as made my way behind Changmo's computer.

Guns blazed in the fire fight. I quickly broke the neck of the guard in my custody and then peered over the desk, to the right, shooting the guy in the leg. He dropped down and three more bullets went into his chest. He fell to the ground. I popped up to see the last guard standing, we both had our guns aimed at each other. The first guard I had attacked, I hadn't killed, he was simply reeling in pain and trying to avoid the hail of bullets streaming back and forth across the room. He was now standing up aiming his own gun at me. The sounds of guns firing were still loud and outside the room, it sounded like it was approaching closer and closer. I pulled the trigger but the bullets were out and I saw both men smile.

I gritted my teeth as the closer one lowered his gun to come and snatch me up. He walked around me grabbing me by the wrists and pulling them behind my back. I glared at the one guard pointing his gun at me.

"You better be a damn good shot."

"Why?" He said.

I grinned as the guard behind me got a cuff on me. I stomped on his foot and heard him groan in pain. I threw my head back bashing him in the nose and the guard in front of me fired his gun just as I ducked shooting his man dead. He dropped to the floor and I grabbed the gun quickly and whipped around in time to shoot him in the head. The look of shock was frozen on his face as he went down.

"That's why." I smiled.

I could always count on accidental friendly fire. I kept the gun that I took from the guard behind me and then snatched the gun from the other one. I placed one in the back of my pants and then took one more gun off a dead guards body. The sounds of the gunfire were much closer now; I was sure the fight had come down this hall. The White Fang must've spread out. With how little guards Changmo kept on his property, it was clear they made light work of his men but I knew Changmo had already dispatched the men close to the house. They would be here any minute.

I opened the door looking both ways to check if I was clear before I ran out and looked over the banister of the staircase. Guns were blazing, White Fang members were shooting at Changmo's men, Changmo's men were shooting back. Where was Changmo though? I hurried down the stairs shooting at targets as I descended. I shot one of the men aiming to kill a White Fang member. He looked behind him, noticing I saved him then nodded as a thank you. I hurried to him,

"Where's Changmo?"

"Haven't seen him." He said.


Someone ran up behind me and the White Fang member shot him for me. I smiled at him as I headed deeper into the house. There was no way Changmo would stay in this fire fight, he probably made his way through the back door. Some of the soldiers had already circled around the mansion and proceeded together inside. As I was running down the hallway, bullet whizzed past me and I pushed myself against the wall to avoid them. I aimed my gun shooting at the man down the hall. I walked closer as I fired shots. Apparently, my aim was better than his. He fell to the ground and I hurried down the hallway.

I checked both sides then bullets came hurling at me from the other end of the hall. I turned to shoot but one of my guns was out. I tossed it to the side and grabbed the one in the back of my pants shooting at my assailants. There were three this time. I couldn't take them all out so I pushed myself into an empty room. I heard someone coming down the other way. One yelled,

"She's in the room!"

I was right behind the door. The gunman hurried to the room and I kicked the door shut on his face. I opened it up and grabbed his arm and pulled him inside, kicking the door shut with a side kick. I aimed my gun at his gut, I put two bullets in him while he lit up the ceiling, then I shot him in the leg to drop him to the ground. I grabbed his gun and bullets started to go through the door. The other three shooters must've been trying to shoot me through the door. I ran to the bathroom quickly and looked through the cabinets. I found lysol under the sink and there was a candle on the sink. I looked for matches or a lighter while I heard the door open.

The fire fight through out the rest of the house was fierce. When it seemed like it died down, it started back up again. Changmo must've moved more men in. This gang war was a massacre. White Fang wanted to stand on top but Changmo was going to make sure that didn't happen. I found a small lighter behind the mirror of the bathroom. I wondered who this room even belonged to but I couldn't focus on that. The door opened up and I had the Lysol and lighter propped up just in time to throw flames in the first one's face. The other two backed up and I pulled the flame away before I dropped the lysol. As the middle one was performing stop drop and roll, I rushed to the right one and kicked his hand. His gun dropped to the floor and slid somewhere leaving us to go at it mano y mano.

He hit me in the chest twice, I blocked another on coming punch and I punched him in the jaw. He blocked a right punch; I blocked his left kick with my leg. I faked like I was going to punch his stomach and when he reacted I forced the bottom of my palm up to meet his nose. I could feel it break from the force. I turned to the other shooter who looked at me pissed. He was helping out the one I lit on fire but now his attention was on me. He dropped his gun and raised his dukes. I smiled at him and put my guard up.

He came at me quick, a right jab, a left jab, he swung to the right I blocked, then to the left, another block. I grabbed his arms and kicked him in the stomach. He stumbled back but caught his balance. He came after me again, a round house kick almost got me in the face I blocked but my shoulder felt like it popped for a second. I winced in pain as he kicked up toward my face. I leaned back and popped back up trying to use the side of my hand to hit him in the neck. He grabbed my hand and whipped me around his back and threw me too the ground. I groaned in pain and a foot came down to smash my ribs in. I caught it and held it above my body. It was the burned face guy trying to smash me. I pushed him up and rolled from beneath his feet. I got up and ran out of the room with the two men chasing me. Their guns went off again. The hand to hand combat was done. I made it around a corner and held my side for a second. My body was aching but the adrenaline pumping in me kept me from feeling the worst of it at the moment. Which meant I was really going to be hurting when it settled. I pulled out my gun and jumped out from the corner and shot both men as they headed to me. The burned one dropped quickly the other one I fought kept shooting. I was shot on the side of my leg but it wasn't super deep. I did groan in pain and almost dropped to my knee when I was hit. He shot at me again hitting me in the arm.

"Damn it!" I seethed "Just fucking die!"

I fired the gun multiple times until his body was pumped full of lead and he finally dropped to the floor. I turned to lean up against the wall to breathe. I needed to figure out where Changmo was going I didn't have time to play around with his goons. I had made it close to the East Wing. I checked my pockets for the pen I had. I figured I'd need this. The pen was filled with a numbing drug and when I clicked it the needle came out. It was a neat little trick I learned a long time ago, one that I didn't even let Changmo know about. I pushed my way into another room and ripped one of the curtains. I tied it around my leg, the gun fire had stopped, I had no idea who won but I could now hear the sound of new men coming through.

I headed out and made my way back to the foyer. I saw someone poke their head past the hallway and I fired shots. They ducked back and I hid myself. I waited until I could hear their footsteps coming closer and then I popped out with my gun raised. We all shot at the same time but we all missed. Lucky for us too.

"Oh John. Thank god." I sighed.

John hurried towards me and hugged me. He looked me over seeing the wounds. I had a few bruises and scratches from the fights too.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yeah nothing fatal. I saw the message got sent out."

He nodded,

"They were pissed though. They know you were there. They know you watched Taeil die."

I chuckled through my teeth as I walked past him.

"No, they know I was the one to give him the pill, that I set it up. Just like they know I lied to them that Changmo wanted me to kill those men. His men."

"Why did you play it out this way? Why not just tell them the truth?" John asked.

I looked back at him,

"Because they wouldn't believe me if I had just told them. They have to see it for themselves. The world isn't black and white the way they want it to be. Changmo's men will die and I don't have to lift a finger to do it because at the end of the day the good guys, aren't so good."

I could tell John didn't like the answer, or rather that he didn't agree with it. He didn't argue though, we walked out of the building and Rick pulled up in the Jeep. I looked at him mildly perplexed. Rick chuckled,

"It was either this or the mini coop."

I rolled my eyes and jumped in the front seat. John hopped in the back. I started loading up my guns. Rick drove fast and wild as we left the scene of Changmo's warzone of a home. I texted Dong Gab asking him if he had taken out the warehouses. He sent back that his men had taken out three. The port that Changmo operated from was the current battle zone. Police were being pulled in every which direction I'm sure all they could deduce the battle to was a turf war. In some ways it was, even more so now, Dong Gab had established a network, he made his alliances. If the other gangs helped take out Changmo, territory would be open and he was more than happy to work out deals.

The reality of this world is that crime would always exist so long as humans were able to be corrupted whether it was by fear, greed or pure addiction. All humans were capable of being turned so long as someone could twist morals or abuse someone's fears. The good guys were only the good guys to a certain extent. The bad guys were only bad because of how society established the difference between good and evil. It was like Changmo said; it's subjective.

Was a shop owner bad for getting involved with the mob if it meant he was trying to keep food on the table for his family? When all else failed and that's where they were forced to go, were they really the bad guy? Taeil, he had influence, he was able to manipulate laws the way lawyers manipulate the truth to sell a story. That's how the criminals get free or a lesser sentence, it's all about presentation. He made it hard for the working class, the small business owners who relied on certain products. They would end up buying from Changmo. To be fair, Changmo's trading business was legit, it was the other things he traded that made his work illegal.

Was a person bad for stepping foot in a casino owned by a monster? Majority of the time they usually were owned by mobsters. That person is only looking for a little fun. Money rules people's lives, power corrupts others and one sin led to another and then another. Soon it was nothing but a web of lives, deceit, and debt being spun around the necks of the high powered people and the working class. It all starts with one person, one mistake, one sin, one cover up and then it spreads.

But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

Rick pulled up in an empty lot so that they could drop me off to get my car. As I moved my stuff into it Rick said,

"Are you sure about this Roo?" He asked.

"It's a little too late to back out now don't you think?" I said.

"Are you sure you'll be able to kill him?" John asked.

"Well that's what I have you for. If he gets me first, blow the place up. Make sure everyone in it burns to the ground. "

They looked at me unsure and I smiled at them from the driver's seat. I made the ox horns with my hand like we used to do in the military. They smiled and did it back like it was our own personal salute. On the way to the car, I figured it out where Changmo would be and told Rick and John where they should be waiting until I finished my business with him. I turned and started to drive off to the one place I knew he'd be waiting for me. I may not have known how Changmo slipped away but I knew he was going to want his revenge. I knew he was aware that I would come for him so he was also going to have a trap set for me.

I was ready for whatever he was going to dish out, it was finally time to end this.....

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