How to organize a training program for ISO 14001 Certification.

Training of employees is the key to the success of the Environmental Management System (EMS). 

Steps to organize an effective training program. 

Proper training for employees is required for companies to ensure that their employees have the necessary skills developed for the company. The steps are as follows;

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Step 2: Determine training objectives- For the program to be a success, the objectives of the program must be clear and on point. The training program must be specific, that is, it should be focusing on resolving gaps in specific areas. Also, employees must be given individual attention with respect to their separate departments. Moreover, the expectations of each and every employee must be taken into consideration during the drafting of the objectives of the program.

Step 3: Choose the training method- Most importantly, the method of training has to be fixed for consistency. Online training is a good option if the employees accept to be disciplined, also helpful in less expense of the company. Of course, there are other methods like traditional in-class seminars, workshops, meetings, internal environmental newsletters.

Step 4: Prepare a training plan- A good training plan is all that's required to accomplish all your training objectives. The points to be included are how, when, and where the training will occur along with the method that will be used. Most important is the duration of the program, including how many sessions will be conducted in total.

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Step 6: Monitor and measure the effectiveness of the training- This step is to ensure that the functioning of the program is being maintained and improvements have been achieved. In addition, the Learning Management System(LMS) can be used to ensure the success of the program.

Step 7: Improve the training program- Improving the program requires research of new tools and modern technologies.

Every step is crucial to success in your ISO 14001 training program.

By following the steps mentioned above, the employees can be made to reach a certain level of competence which could result in better successful business operations, or else improper execution can result in non-success of the program. 

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