Documentary Closed Captioning Services for Your Captioning needs

For the uninitiated, Captioning is the process of expressing dialogues and scenes of onscreen content in written format. It thus creates ease of understanding and accessing the content. It is different from subtitles in that subtitles are minimalistic – showcasing only dialogues, not briefing about scenes.

Documentary closed captioning services

The need for accuracy: Captioning of the documentary is an intricate task, requires hours of work, and the accuracy of the caption can make or break the idea that the documentary is trying to present. Surely, an automated captioning can be used to create captions but automated captioning is unreliable (in its accuracy). Thus, documentary captioning requires accuracy – and accuracy can be provided only through human touch. Thus a human professional will go through the documentary word for word and transcribe the caption. The captions are checked over and over again for perfection before the captions are encoded.

Multilingual: Documentaries transcend mortal boundaries. They are a way of representing, elucidating, and elaborating phenomenon – be it natural or manmade. As such captioning of documentaries requires a multifaceted-multilingual approach towards captioning to get their ideas discussed and upfront.

Online captioning services for documentary make your captioning as easy as pie. You just begin by uploading your documentaries online and captioning will be done for you at a click of a button. The documentary videos will be forwarded to our group of professional captioners (depending on your needs). The captioners will go over your video content and carefully map out the captions for your video-graphic content. Transliterations and translations are not a problem as a group of professionals are there for you. The finished work after being checked for quality will be embedded (documentary closed captioning services) or “burned” (open captioning services) or be provided to you in separate file thus completing the process.

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