East vs West; East Coast Fashion Defined

When it comes to fashion, who wears it better; New York or LA? For decades the two regions have battled between everything from runway trends to retail fashion tips. Does it matter which part of the United States you live in? Do you think all fashion is created equally? What helps you spot West Coast fashion walking around in Time Square? We fashionistas believes fashion is about expressing ourselves and where we are from. However, when it comes to style, especially with celebrities, there is a distinct difference in what we should wear when visiting the West Coast from the East Coast and vise versa. With that said, let's us look into some of the differences between East Coast fashion and West Coast fashion. East Coast Fashion East Coast fashion is a bit more refined. It consists of more sophisticated looks with numerous accessories. For example, you might see someone in Soho wearing form fitting scoop neck, boxy blazer, waist belt, and closed-toes pumps. The color scheme in the East Coast tends to be more bold. The East Coast is known for their "New York City" street style, which combines both city life and dressing sleek into one outfit. We like to refer to this look as something you would see in the movie "Sex and the City." If you have seen the movie before you know exactly what look we are talking about. If you have yet to see Sex and the City, we are talking about elegant yet edgy fashion. West Coast Fashion Perhaps Hollywood is to thank, however we noticed that West Coast style boasts of the more casual look than getting dressed up everyday. When you envision the West Coast what comes to your mind? The ocean, the red carpet, beach bums and sand, right? Well the West Coast seems to incorporate all that into their style by creating layers, loose fits, and lots of open-toe shoes. You will notice that even though LA is crowded just like NYC, people in LA take their time getting places. This also contributes to their relaxed sense of style. We think West Coast residents do not live the same NYC "hustle and bustle" lifestyle, so their artsy look comes across as more mellow. Either way, fashion is fashion and both styles have their perks. What's your favorite style, and why? Sources: http://www.sheknows.com/beauty-and-style/articles/978347/east-coast-vs-west-coast-style

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