Which Graphic Styles For Packaging To Choose?

The graphic styles for packaging are extremely diverse. We can count dozens of them, to the point of having a hard time recognizing them. In addition, each year, trends are more pronounced than others.

For Pantone, the year 2019 was to be the year of the color coral or living coral 16-1546. In fact, the choice of a graphic style for packaging will depend on several factors:

· The trend of the moment, of course.

· The nature of the product.

· And the positioning of the brand, in particular.

But, looking closely, we can classify the graphic styles for packaging in three families. And, by making the share of the things, one can detect, in total, a dozen particular styles. Each of these styles can be linked to one or other of these three families.

The oldest of the three families, defined as art nouveau, accompanied the birth of advertising, or as we used to say advertising. It is contemporary with the historic period called " Belle Epoque ". It corresponds to the two or three decades preceding the First World War.

The second developed in reaction to the first. It has been defined as art deco. The expression dates from the international exhibition of modern decorative and industrial arts held in Paris in 1925. The artistic art deco style, born with the “Roaring Twenties ", can also be described as a “modern " style.

The last family is recent. It comes from the latest technological advances in the paper industry and printing techniques. For this reason, it brings together graphic styles that can easily be combined with increased packaging. These are " techno " graphic styles.

Definition Of Art Nouveau

The "art nouveau" style is characterized by very ornamental patterns, organic, plant forms and a lush environment. It should especially not be confused with art deco, much more sober and geometric. However, this is what happens very frequently. Beware of misunderstandings and misunderstandings! To help avoid them, Christophe Courtois made an excellent comparative presentation.

Alfons Mucha (1860 - 1930) can be considered as one of the leading figures of this "new art". Czech by origin, Alfons Mucha became widely known in his time as a poster designer, illustrator and graphic designer. After a certain oversight, it returns to fashion. And, in fact, the Musée du Luxembourg has just dedicated a remarkable exhibition to him.

Graphic Styles For Packaging Inspired By Art Nouveau

At least two current trends find their inspiration in art nouveau: the transcription of liquid materials and the abundance of colors favoring green, earth and gold. These two trends are in line with the renewed focus on environmental issues:

In the first case, for example, the calligraphy takes rounded, flexible, fluid forms, which evoke the element "water”.

In the second case, graphic designers favor “natural” colors such as lime green or lime green, earth or brown color, a mixture of brown and yellow, to which we can add a touch of black. As for the use of the color "gold”, Gustav Klimt, this other Viennese master, this time of art nouveau, gave multiple illustrations, like the water snakes below:

What we must remember from these graphic styles for packaging inspired by art nouveau is that they all aim to create an impression of richness and exuberance linked to nature. This effect can be notably reinforced by the choice of the constituent materials of the packaging. Three trends, of what we can call eco-design, go in this direction:

cardboard boxes

Definition Of Art Deco

It is also said to be "modern art". Its roots go back to abstract art conceptualized by Kandinsky. But, unlike the art nouveau, which he opposes, it is all in vertical and horizontal lines. In addition, it favors geometry and the expression of functionality. While preferring the cut sides to the right angles which it rejects. Nothing better than seeing how each art deals with the female stereotype to better understand what makes their fundamental difference.

Art deco, art of modernity sticks with its time: where art nouveau praised a rounded woman, bucolic and poet, art deco reveals a brand new woman, slender, slim, slender, dressed in fashion, even androgynous, in total break with the classical artistic representation of women.

André-Édouard Marty (1882-1974), a typical illustrator of art deco, shows this well with the cover he produced for Vogue magazine in 1925.

Vogue Magazine Art Deco Packaging

Simplicity, pragmatism, symmetry are the key words of art deco which, depending on the period after its birth, will be more or less ornate, more or less floral, more or less minimalist.

Graphic Styles For Packaging Inspired By Art Deco

Art deco has had many descendants. Today, two major trends can claim it: the Swiss style and the " flat illustration " style.

Swiss Style

Max Miedinger

The movement is the characteristic characteristic of the line. Unlike the point which is central and remains static, the line is dynamic in nature. It can be extended indefinitely in both directions, it is not linked to a shape or a center. If we consider however that the line is a fundamental element, it is only because the phenomenon which gave birth to it, is no longer perceptible. It is an element that has already gone through a stage of growth.

As a result, black and white dominate, the calligraphy is sans serif, the whole is bathed in a stripping, close to minimalism, the search for readability and objectivity at all costs. Although red, The logo of the Swiss national exhibition of 1964 is a good illustration.

The "Flat Illustration" Style

flat illustration

From "flat illustration" style to "BD " style , there is only one more step to take. That of a structured or simply suggested narration, with movement. Manga are the archetypes, par excellence. The first is rather intended for an adult public as in the example below:

The other, more like a child audience. Examples abound. In particular, in the field of food packaging and everything related to syrups , ketchups and other coconuts ... We could classify them into 7 categories.

Like the game of 7 families. The product must therefore be preferred because it is:

· Devoured by a mascot.

· Promoted by a hero, celebrated by a mass of animals.

· Straight from drama films.

· A symbol of band membership.

· The quality of a model child.

The main thing is to be able to enter the customer's imagination in a fraction of a second and trigger the act of purchase.

Graphic Styles For "Techno" Packaging


They are very recent. They are linked to innovations in the paper and printing industry. We cannot yet print animated pages as in the Daily Prophet of Harry Potter, but we can already increase their informational potential by making the packaging more alive. There are two ways to do this that will naturally affect the graphic style for packaging.

The Two Graphic Styles For Packaging With Techno Effects

Computer-aided design now equips all graphic studios. Most packaging is therefore viewed in 3D before going into production. Guaranteed time savings, but also and above all real financial savings. No need to multiply prototypes. However, when we talk about style with 3 D effect, that's not what we're talking about. It is in fact a matter of giving a living aspect to the packaging, by using technical processes known for a long time and by incorporating them, there is innovation, in graphic creation.

The purpose of the packaging is to instantly differentiate the product among dozens of others. A 3D effect will create different impressions that will make it sparkling, sparkling, moving, depending on the place occupied by the customer who looks at it.

And, in a way, the packaging with 3 D effect will constantly wink at him. Difficult not to see it and not to approach it. At least out of curiosity.

The "Augmented" Style

custom soap boxes

As for the animated informational content, we are not very far from the Daily Prophet . Apps can already transform a photo into a video, simply by pointing at it on the camera of a smartphone. Obviously, in this case, the video suddenly brings up a universe centered on the product to be sold which cannot leave the consumer indifferent.

Table Style And Mixed Styles

The three families of graphic styles for packaging do not cover all the possibilities in this area. One thing is certain, art occupies a preponderant place. There are countless famous paintings, taken back or diverted, for advertising purposes. Like, for example, the Girl with the pearl of Vermeer or the Venus of Botticelli. In many cases the packaging, a support for the work of art, becomes an essential factor in the act of purchase.

The consumer buys both the packaging and the product inside. Just think of these beautiful boxes in which are carefully stored beautiful and appetizing cookies. Finally, note that the creativity of graphic designers is not to be outdone and that the mixture of genres is noticeable in many graphic proposals. The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci can thus take on the appearance of art nouveau or art deco that feed contemporary trends.

Same thing for the famous portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol or the man with the cut ear by Vincent Van Gogh. No school has escaped it. So there are advertising expressions based on fauvism, impressionism or pop art, for example and for short.

The final choice of style is up to the brand. A graphic style is not neutral. It conveys values and makes connections full of meanings. These values and meanings must be consistent with the brand's commitments and values. It is, in particular, the role of a graphic charter to help formulate them. This is what an experienced graphic studio like the one associated with online sites like https://www.premiumcustomboxes.com/

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