Things you should know before buying a dog harness

simply a dog harness

The collar is the best option for the vast majority of dogs and especially when it comes to dogs of large and giant breeds, since as the dog advances, if we pull the leash back a little, the collar will prevent its neck go forward and therefore your body too. The small dogs or miniature not need a special harness for dogs because they are so small that regular collar ultimately restricts motion and control during the ride.

Large dogs have the advantage that they are often stronger than their owners and it is necessary to have this control over them to prevent the walk from giving it to us. Many dog owners purchase a harness precisely to help them with the task of walking, unaware that the harness is an accessory that invites the dog to pull and its problem may worsen.

A harness can be used for all kinds of smaller dogs and puppies. The walking harness was created for dogs with neck or throat problems and should only be used in cases where the dog is not strong enough to 'pull' on its owner during the walk.

There are harnesses for the training of dogs whose breeds have that need to shoot, such as the Huskies, the Samoyedos or the Alaskan Malamutes. These breeds were created for the purpose of pulling carts or sleds and often need a harness or weight when problems like anxiety arise or problems adjusting to their 'new environment'. An anxiety problem can lead to various problems, it can even cause a dog fight in the park because of it.

Between harness or necklace, what is the best option?

In short, the collar is the most recommended option for most dogs, except when they have neck / throat problems or on the recommendation of a professional handler.

There are cases in which dogs have behavioral problems or quite the opposite, since there are many fearful and anxious dogs . The harnesses are basically to transport our dog by car and in specific cases, a handler can recommend the use of a specialized harness.

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