When I started this blog several months ago, I was talking about my spending habits; for me the motto was very simple: "if I die tomorrow, let it be without limitations" , which translated into: spending everything I could on things that would give me momentary satisfaction. Dinners in good restaurants or fast food fairs, trips and articles like clothes, watches, perfumes, electronics and stop counting. How many of you have not gone through similar situations? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Where has all that earned money gone? Can I increase the value of the money I spend now?

Almost all the things we buy, depreciate over time. How much could a collection of 15 used shirts be worth? Or how much could I earn if I sell 100 old CD's? The answer is: you would earn much less than the item cost.

Now we can spend money on things that increase in value over time, just like my friends René and Ignacio do, who have collectible notes and coins. What's the trick? Well, these collectibles "increase" their value over time, apart from serving to decorate part of their homes and offices.

Here is what I have been told by several friends regarding their ways of buying things that increase in value over time:

Buy Gold


Buying Old Notes And Coins

As this pair of friends talked about, rare coins and notes gain value over time. www.mercadolibre.com and www.ebayThey are alternatives to get good tickets. But be careful, this hobby needs a lot of knowledge, knowing what the expensive tickets are, etc. They do it for passion and hobby, but they have many years in the world of collections. The advice I give you is to get advice before starting.

Make Your House "Green"

Trying to be environmentally efficient. My friend is always looking for ways to cut energy costs. Put in high efficiency light bulbs, seal the windows, check the weather to adjust the thermostat in your house, paint special colors to increase / decrease the temperature. You even plan to buy solar panels! The best thing is that you always try to do it yourself, so you can see the savings on each electricity bill.

My advice: recycle paper, plastic, aluminum; With that you help the environment and you could earn extra money. Vinyl Records: When the 2002 national strike, an unemployed friend started a business: he bought long plays, or salsa vinyl records, and sold them on www.ebay.com


Believe it or not, it is still the number 1 currency in the world. Having dollars, even if they are under the bed (although I do not share this method of savings, and later we will talk about ways to invest it more intelligently) is a way to spend money and generate value later. Buying euros is also sensible, especially in these times of global crisis.

If you can open accounts in your bank where you can put that money, go ahead! My advice: Birthdays, December parties, any reason that your parents, uncles or relatives want to give you a little money for any reason, you could ask them to give it to you in foreign currency, or tell them to deposit it in that special account. This way you avoid the temptation to spend it on what I said in the first paragraph.

Buying Land

You may have to save a lot of that extra money to be able to do it, but a friend bought land in his native Bolivia for only US $ 2,000. He traveled to his plot, to a barbeque under the trees, and returned. He had nothing built and hoped he could do something with it. If he didn't, the worst thing that could have happened to him was having to sell the plot, but for an amount greater than what he paid. My advice: Although many times it does not work, if you have a piece of land that you want to buy and that money is not enough, encourage another person with the same goals as you and choose to buy it; They can divide it later in case of problems.

Tools To Work In What You Are Passionate About

If gardening is your hobby, why not buy some tools and offer that service to friends and colleagues? That way you would have extra money for something you love to do. You like to take pictures and you are passionate about taking portraits of people, so buy yourself a good camera, good glasses and flashes to start taking photos of your relatives for a small fee.

As you improve in any skill you have, you can increase the value of your work. Sounds interesting doesn't it? This is the secret of my mother, whom I love very much: she has made birthday cakes for at least 1000 people in her life. If each cake had a profit of US $ 10, we were talking about US $ 10,000 that in 30 years would have become about US $ 20,000 (considering as an example 50 cakes per year X 20 years X 7% interest in the bank).

Always Keep Your Accounts Straight

good accountanttax accountant

What are those areas where you spend your money and that can generate value over time, or perhaps give you a slight profit? Share it with us in financial-security.

In closing I would like to invite you to write me your comments about what you are passionate about in your life, maybe I could guide you to get a simple way to earn extra income. Many times what is needed is a little imagination, because the desire and passion already exist. Or is it not?

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