Why Talking Money Could Save Your Relationship

When couples think about their compatibility, they typically consider their personalities, hobbies, religion, career, and so on. But each person’s financial habits have a significant influence on the quality of the relationship, and couples tend to forget or put off discussing financial matters. No matter how uncomfortable you may find it to talk money with your significant other, it is a topic that will have to be dealt with at one time or another. Plus, having the same financial habits and goals is an integral part of any healthy relationship. Here are some prime examples of why having the money talk with your boyfriend or girlfriend could mean the difference between a relationship cut short or happily ever after. The #1 Source of Conflict Money is the number one source of argument and conflict in most relationships. Failing to communicate honestly and effectively about it could lead to serious problems later on. Spending Habits Are you a spender or a saver? Whatever your financial habits may be, if they aren’t in alignment with your partner’s habits, they may become a severe sore spot in your relationship. Reconciling your spending habits with one another and constructing a budget is one of the best ways to ensure a happy and stable relationship. Long-Term Goals Consider your long-term financial plans. Do you want to own a home, or do you prefer to rent? Are you interested in expensive luxuries like high-end cars and tech gadgets? There’s nothing wrong with having these interests and desires, but it’s important to share them with your partner. Your partner may have a very different set of long-term goals and desires. If you can’t make a compromise on your plans, it will be very difficult to maintain a harmonious relationship.

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