Trend Predictions for 2014

2014 is well underway in the fashion world, and we can now start making predictions about which trends will fop and which will be chic. Here is a brief list of the trends that I see becoming major fixtures in 2014. Iridescent Garments and Accessories Get ready to don your sunglasses, because fashion is going to get bright in 2014. Iridescent clothing and accessories are already on trend for Spring 2014, and they appear to be sticking around for a while. Heavy Pattern Mixing The art of mixing patterns is one that is hard to master. But designers in 2014 are exploring the challenge of marrying complex patterns in hip new garments. Button-Up Tops Designers are taking a cue from menswear in 2014 by popularizing button-ups in their spring collections. These looks can go from professional to edgy in just the pop of a button. Pastels Although pastels are usual suspects in spring clothing, they’re making an extra big appearance in 2014. Watch out for more chic, pastel garments as the season progresses.

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