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K-Pop Awards broadcasted via smartphone Selected Vinglers went and blogged live the 3rd Gaon Chart K-pop Awards event.  Through their mobile live-blogging, fellow Vinglers across the world were able to feel the excitement and electric atmosphere that the appearance of many K-idols such EXO, Miss-A, and Girls' Generation created. Those Vinglers who live-blogged via their smartphones were able to do so because of a newly developed writing function on the Vingle mobile app.  Many Vinglers requested such a feature, and we elected to first release our proto-type to the live bloggers of the K-pop Awards. These Vinglers have already demonstrated various interesting and creative uses of the function.  Some posted cards realtime such as to announce the "Musician of the Year" winner, and "Rookie of the Year" winner, while others used their DSLR to amplify the capacity of their mobile cameras.  Using their DSLRs to zoom in on the stage, Vinglers took pics of their DSLR's LCD screen with their phone, thus allowing their mobile camera to capture images up close in way they would normally not be able to!      •    Check out@clzlsakdy's collection (http://www.vingle.net/collections/513377) The mobile card writing function, which supports up to 10 pictures, is perfect for those who want to blog on the go! Apply to be a Beta Tester! Be one of the first to use this mobile writing function!  Apply by simply stating in the comment section why you are the perfect candidate to test this feature.  The deadline to apply is next Saturday, February 22nd.  Winners will be notified Sunday, February 23rd.  While many will apply, only a few will be selected.  If you are one the chosen few, remember your feedback will be regarded as vital to our next app update!     •    Apologies to iOS users, as this event is only open to Android users at the moment.  A similar event for iPhone users is in the making, so stay tuned!

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