Craps Strategies

There are few arguments against the fact that craps is at the top of the list of the most energetic and exciting casino games ever created. Tables are often packed with cheering and energetic players hoping for a winning streak.

If this applies to you or you are someone who has already played but is a bit rusty, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you through every nuance of the game. Become a master at the craps tables and teach your friends in no time!

Why play craps?

Every time a game is as popular as craps worldwide, there has to be some reason for it. It is clear to see that craps will continue for a long time as players keep coming back. Here are just a few of the reasons why the game has become so popular and why you should give it a try.

10/10 on the scale for excitement and fun

If you've ever gotten close to a dice table about 30m, you know that there's something special about this game. People usually cheer loudly, give high fives and are completely immersed in the action. Whether you're playing in the casino with other guests or online at home, the game is fast and fun. It's hard to say what is so fun about this game, but if we had to guess, it's probably a combination of the fast pace, the variety of betting options, and the ability to get a big win with a roll of the dice.

Tons of different game types

Unlike some of the simpler casino games, craps has a ton of different options to bet on. Whether you make a small bet or a series of large bets, everyone is involved in the action with every roll of the die. With so many different ways to play, you can experiment and find which bet you enjoy the most. This may be different from what other players like, which makes the game even more interesting. You will never be bored with the many different ways to bet on craps.

house edge

This is a big deal. There are a few bets on dice where the house edge is 0%! This means that the casino will not make any profit from your wager in the long run. This is the only place in the casino where you can find that. Does that mean you have a head start on winning? No, but these are the best odds you can ever get at the casino.

Team spirit and camaraderie

This advantage is usually limited to live casinos. Due to the way the game is structured, the majority of the bets on the table should achieve the same goal. This means that most players at the table hope for the same event and everyone wins if those numbers are rolled. You can imagine the excitement when one of these numbers is rolled and the entire table is paid for!

How to play craps

Described in its simplest form, craps is a game in which you are able to make different bets on the outcome of a player's two dice rolls. Sounds easy, doesn't it? There's a little more to it than that. But we will slowly guide you through. Once you understand the general concept of the game, all the details will become clear.

The game starts with the dice thrower, called the shooter, that rolls to determine what is known as the point. Once this point number is determined, the dice thrower will attempt to roll the same number again before throwing a 7.

Here are the three results that can happen on a throw after the point is set:

If the shooter hits the point, most players will win and the game will reset and start over.

If the shooter rolls a 7, most players will lose and the game will reset and start over.

If the shooter rolls another number, the dice are rolled again until one of the above two things happens.

This is, of course, a simplified view of the game, but once you understand that, you can start putting the other pieces together. The parts that we omitted in our explanation are that there are betting options before the point is thrown (known as come out roll), bets that take place between throws, and also betting options where you “against” the other players bet and bet effectively with the house. That's why we said that when the score is rolled again, most players will win, not all.

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