INTERVIEW: A chat with Kdrama queen Kim Sora of 'Bride of the Century'

At the end of February, Bride of the Century, starring Lee Hong Ki from You're Beautiful, will finally air in Korea, and you can watch it exclusively here on DramaFever. In anticipation of the drama, we were lucky enough to interview Kim Sora, who plays Choi Kang Joo (Lee Hong Ki)’s mother. You may be familiar with Kim Sora's face because she has played unforgettable K-drama mothers in such hits as The Princess’s Man, Big, Nice Guy, and Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. If you are a fan of the American TV show LOST, you may also have seen her in episode 6 of its first season. She played the broker who gave Sun (Kim Yoon Jin) a passport and a ticket to America. Kim Sora was an active actress in Korea until getting married and moving to America with her husband in 1999. In 2004, the actor Kim Yoon Jin, who starred in the American TV show LOST, introduced Kim Sora to the LOST producer, who was looking for an actress who could speak Korean. Kim Sora then made her comeback through the K-drama The Scale of Providence, and restarted her career in the K-drama The Princess’s Man in 2011. Here is our interview with her: Can you introduce your new drama Bride of the Century? Thank you for asking me to do this interview. I have been very busy because the premiere of Bride of the Century is approaching. Bride of the Century is about stratagem and conspiracy over a curse attached to a rich family. This drama is filled with the power of true love, longing, pity, loneliness and sadness. Since made your K-drama comeback in 2011 with The Princess’s Man, you have been busy playing the role of mother in such hits as Big, Nice Guy and Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. Now you are playing the mother of Lee Hong Ki in Bride of the Century. Who was the actor or actress that had the best chemistry with you in a parent-child relationship, and why? I have been lucky enough to act with great young actresses and actors, so I am the envy of other people. I can’t tell who had the best chemistry with me because they all had different and remarkable personalities. It’s an amazing experience to work with these awesome, talented people in each new drama. While acting, the cast has to be in tune with each other, so I feel affection for juniors who have discussions and rehearsals with me. I have been happy to work with great young actresses and actors. How would you describe your son, Lee Hong Ki, and the other young main characters? I feel affection for Lee Hong Ki, who is cheerful, faithful, and the brightest actor that I’ve met. I have told him whenever I see him that he has the most beautiful eyes among actors. He began acting when he was little, so he seemed to feel no awkwardness at the very first shooting and the first dinner with the crew. I think he is a well-informed actor who has developed deep thinking skills from his career in Japan. For one reason or another, now he is my son, so he is lovely to me. You left the Korean entertainment field for a while and lived in America. When you made your comeback, what had changed the most in your field? Most of all, I can tell that there are more would-be actors and actresses than before. I also see that all parts of the entertainment field in Korea have become specialized, and Korean people have a heightened awareness of entertainment. That’s why our K-dramas are spreading throughout the world and becoming popular. It makes ours efforts bigger, I think. What is the most charming aspect of Bride of the Century? The curse attached to the family’s first son seems really interesting. Can you tell us more about this? When I read the script for the first time, I was sure that this drama had an interesting story. Viewers are going to fall in love with this drama when they watch Yoon Sang Ho’s directing and the chemistry of the cast. I will show you the love and pity that exists inside 30- to 60-year olds. Please say hi to your DramaFever fans, who really love K-dramas! Hello K-Drama & DramaFever fans, Restarting my acting career was delayed longer than I thought, so I have to try harder. I am not walking now; I am running. Thankfully, many people are welcoming, remembering, and supporting me, so now I am acting with a thankful heart for people’s love, which is greater than the popularity I had in my 20’s. I will become a good actress by learning more and working hard. I will do my best to show more of my acting range by traveling between Korea and America. Thank you for your love and support. See you on the screen. Love, Kim Soe Ra / Soe Ra Jung (Source: Kim Soe Ra's Facebook )

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