How Much Does A Home Warranty Cost in California?

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What Does A Home Warranty Plan Cover In California?

Home warranties are service contracts that offer protection against break downs of covered appliances and systems. The coverage varies with companies and depends on warranty plans. In general, a home warranty plan protects following the appliances and systems, but is not limited to these:


● Refrigerators

● Clothes washers

● Ranges/Cooktops/Stoves

● Clothes dryers

● Built-in microwave ovens

● Dishwashers

● Trash compactors

● Garage door openers


● Heating and ductworks

● Doorbells

● Ceiling fans

● Electrical systems

● Air conditioners and ductworks

● Plumbing systems

● Garbage disposals

● Water heaters

● Central vacuums

How Much A Home Warranty Plan Costs In California?

The cost of home warranty plans in California varies with the company in question and depends on the number of home items covered as well as property size. In general, the average price of a warranty plan is approximately $320 per year. Extended coverage averages an additional $100 to $500 annually. Also, you have to pay a trade fee or service call fee of $50 to $100 when you place a service request, along with deductibles, if any.

Why Should You Buy A Home Warranty Plan In California?

There are two top reasons why you should buy a home warranty in California. First, California has extremely hot summers. When the temperature soars, your air conditioning or other cooling systems will not be able to handle the higher load and may fail. Second, California is an expensive state. You may not have a monthly budget for costly repairs or replacements of home items. With home warranties, you need not worry about undesirable, expensive repairs or replacements.

How Do Home Warranties Work In California?

Home warranty companies in California follow a hassle-free claims process. When a home item breaks down, you file a claim. Then the customer support representative determines if your warranty covers the failed item.

Upon confirmation, the company will assign you a local, insured technician to fix the issue. The technician will diagnose and report the issue to the representative. If the repair is approved, the technician will fix your home item.

In cases where the component of the broken appliance or system is beyond repair or the repair cost is more than that of replacement, your warranty provider will offer you a replacement.

Note that some companies require you to pay the service call fee when you place a service request, others might need you to pay when the technician arrives at your home to fix the issue.

Best Home Warranty Companies In California

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1. American Home Shield

American Home Shield (AHS)

2. Total Protect Home Warranty

Total Protect Home Warranty is one of the leading companies offering home warranties in California. They offer a wide range of plans that cover major appliances and systems at reasonable prices.

3. Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty aims to protect homeowners and real estate professionals from costly repairs or replacements costs through their warranty plans. They are committed to customer satisfaction and provide 24/7 customer support.

Final Words

Home warranty plans in California are available in monthly, bi-annual, and annual options. Check with your warranty provider the price of the plans, coverage, and other terms & conditions before buying a home warranty. is the number one consumer research company for Home Warranties. provides homeowners with features like Complaint Resolution Program (CRP), Home Maintenance Calculator (HMC), Mortgage Calculator and Advanced has 70,000+ consumer reviews and 80+ home warranty companies listed with it. visit:
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