4 brilliant tips to write topic sentences perfectly

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Be clear about the idea you want to present

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These sentences must highlight the topic of your essay and the main idea behind it. See to it that the subsequent sentences have elaborate information related to the topic sentence.

Draw your readers in

The topic sentences are primarily included to draw in the readers. These sentences generate curiosity and bring up questions in the readers’ minds that you answer in the subsequent sentences. An impactful way to write the topic sentences is to drop them into action immediately. This can be done in multiple ways, like:

· By presenting an emotion

· By defining a character

· By using information

Keep it as concise as possible

The topic sentence should explain your intention without forcing your reader to look for it. This is why keeping the sentence short will provide clarity on your intention.

The topic sentence must be the middle ground in your paragraph. It should be a little more focused than your thesis, but it should not be too broad.Keeping the sentence short will also help you maintain the flow of the paragraph.

Provide a logical opinion

The paragraphs of your essay are meant to uphold your topic sentences. Hence, your topic sentence should highlight something that you believe can be backed upwith valid evidence.

Make sure you state an opinion in your topic sentence only if you can support it in the following paragraph.

Writing topic sentences will be a whole lot easier when you follow these tips.

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