Big star's comeback: Choi Ji Woo is cast in Chinese drama series City’s Lovers

Choi Ji Woo was recently cast in the Chinese drama series City’s Lovers. On June 27, Choi’s agency reported, “Choi Ji Woo was recently cast in City’s Lovers, directed by Li Wi Yen. She will go to China in early July and start shooting in Beijing.” City’s Lovers is a love story between an event company’s female CEO and a new recruit. Choi will play the female CEO and the Chinese actor Qin Hao will play the new recruit. It’s been nine years since Choi appeared in the Chinese drama series 101st Proposal in 2003. Through her agency, Choi said, “Many Chinese fans have been asking me to appear in Chinese drama series but I couldn’t. I wish I can show some of my new looks through this drama series.” Choi is very popular in both China and Japan. MBC TV’s Can’t Lose, which stars Choi, will also start airing in Japan in September. Because of her popularity in China and Japan, she was named an honorary ambassador for Korae Visit Year for two consecutive years. Source: TV Report

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