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Brake calipers are marvels of modern automotive technology.

Cars and motorcycles, be it internal combustion engine and petrol powered or electric motor and battery powered, have grown to become extremely fast in terms of their top speed and 0-60mph acceleration times.

Along with this increased performance comes safety concerns. Luckily, in the modern-day, technology can be used to ensure safety as well as the performance of cars and bikes.

One was in which modern tech has heavily influenced the automotive industry is through brake technology to get vehicles down from their heady speeds to a grinding halt at the press of a pedal.

This is a very important factor as people and animals can sometimes step out into the road causing serious accidents.

Not only is safety involved but outright track performance of sports cars and superbikes is heavily influenced by their ability to scrub off speed heading into repeated cornering. The braking power of a vehicle becomes equally as important as its power to propel itself forward.

Modern braking systems are highly complex and can use sophisticated materials such as carbon-ceramic discs. The fundamentals, however, he remained consistent since the advent of the traditional brake rotor and caliper setup was invented.

Brake caliper refurbishment

Brake caliper paintingBCR

Expert brake caliper painting technicians based in the UK offering professional brake caliper refurbishing services to automotive enthusiasts for their cars and motorcycles via mail order.
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