How to Get Started on Keyword Research


The basic step is actually done where you understood the metrics you should know; which is also provided by keyword research tools. The next step is to know the tools that will give you information about keywords. With these tools, you’ll be able to create a keyword silo for your content planning, which allows you to interlink your blog posts strategically. Besides focusing on just your own keywords, you will also need to study your competitors. Keyword research is never complete if you don’t find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Some Keyword Tools

· LSIGraph

· BiQ Keyword Intelligence

· Soovle

· SEMrush

· Google Ads

· QuestionDB

· AnswerThePublic

How to Use Keywords for SEO

Now, for the keywords that you have decided to use, there are many other places you should add your keywords, if applicable. They are as follows:

i. Title Tag and description tag

The title and description tag is the first thing that users see in the SERP. Even if you rank for a certain keywords because it’s inside your content, chances are some of the users will not click into it because the title and description tags doesn’t give them exactly what they want.

So, start adding your keywords to your title tags and Meta description. If you noticed, search engines are mainly showing results that contain the keyword in the title tag and Meta description.

ii. Header and sub header Tags

The next place you want to put your keywords at is your headings. Headings are a great way to tell the search engines and users what your site is about.

Heading tags also tend to appear as short answers in the featured snippet often, so you would want to do some keyword research on what keywords to have in your headings.

iii. Image Alt Tags

Image alt tags is an HTML attribute applied to image to describe what the image is about.

The main purpose of using an alt tag is to benefit visually impaired users who use screen readers, users who turned off images and users that use text-based browsers.

So, use alt tags to provide good experience to the users and give search engines a better idea of what the image is about.

iv. Anchor Text

words that contain links

It also gives the search engines a good understanding of what your post is about.

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