How Torex Cryptocurrency Application Can Look Like?

Torex.One crypto trading platform that is being developed since 2018. Currently the browser version of the platform is available online and you can create a new crypto trading account by visiting the Torex.One website. The Torex.One website design is compatible with smartphones/tablets as well and can be used in popular smartphone browsers.

cryptocurrency application

cryptocurrency trading app

App planning (a map with all functions of the application is to be developed with depiction of all screens of the application);

App design (the design of all screens with different states and scenarios are to be developed, all elements of graphic interface are to be tested for usability to make sure that the planned design is ergonomic and allows a user to effectively solve his/her tasks);

App development (the process of mobile cryptocurrency application development consists of several stages and includes brand design, integration of all basic website pages, menu, search, push-notifications; back-office integration, access to system files; geolocation access,file sending, animation during the application loading, application settings, offline mode, 2-factor google authentication, etc.); 

App testing;

cryptocurrency app

By the beginning of 2020 the following crypto trading tools have been developed:

Torex Trade (API trading with 6 exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Huobi, KuCoin and Poloniex - several more more crypto exchanges are considered to be supported; possibility to set Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop orders);

Arbitrage Tool (automated search of arbitrage windows by analyzing the liquidity of order books on crypto exchanges) ;

Price Checker (crypto traders can find out prices of multiple currency pairs on 8 supported crypto exchanges in one place);

Price Notification (receive instant Telegram notifications as soon as the preset currency pairs on supported crypto exchanges reach the defined price level);

HODL Tool (an algorithmically generated hypothesis, which should not be treated as a call for an action).

The following tools are considered to be developed:

Crypto Trading Bot;

Traders’ Ideas;

Copy Trading;

Crypto Betting.

https://Torex.One is the first multi-functional blockchain trading platform. It is a cryptocurrency trading platform that combines all the necessary tools for efficient trading. Visit:
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