Maison Michel

Since 1936, the Maison Michel has continued to perfect its art. Creating hats for the most prestigious studios, it is recognised today for its vast capacity to explore shapes and materials. Laetitia Crahay, head of jewellery at Chanel and Artistic Director of the Maison Michel has designed since 2006 ready-to-wear hats and hair accessoiries. Fresh and seductive with a strong identity, and perfectly in the spirit of the times, her creations have already become essentials. Between an ultra feminine refinement and a rock spirit, the Maison Michel revisits a large repertoire of classic shapes, from the melon hat to the boater and the trilby. Accessories, headbands and jewels for the hair unite feathers, lace, pearls or chains and blur the lines with humour. In this book of portraits, the friends of Laetitia Crahay pose in front of the camera of Karl Lagerfeld, and make the pieces of Maison Michel their own, according to their different perspectives of the world and to their eclectic personalities. Photos: Karl Fashion shopping is social. We bring it back to online. Thank you!

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