Karaoke Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the party capital of Scotland. Therefor it's no surprise that each year there are thousands of events. Birthdays, stag and hen do's. A lot of these take advantage of karaoke party services.

The growth of Karaoke in Edinburgh has been crazy over the past few years. We now have many Karaoke bars in town offering hourly karaoke rates.

The problem with that is it is an average of £70-100 an hour for 8 people. You would be lucky to sing 20 karaoke classics in that time.

Karaoke Edinburgh

Karaoke Edinburgh setup for a Christmas party.

You don't need to waste your money on expensive time limited karaoke. For the same price as an hour in a karaoke bars in Edinburgh, you can have your own professional karaoke party all night long.

From as little as £95.00 you can have a sing-a-long, all night long into the early morning.

Providing you with everything to turn your living room, office or function room into your own karaoke space.

Both wired and wireless microphones are available as well as a range of disco party lights that are sound active.

Karaoke Edinburgh's systems are built to be professional but still set up and operated by even a beginner.

Because they are fully digital with everything built in, all you require is power. They don't rely on internet streaming/laptops or CD. Completely hassle free

Their song list carriers over 5,000 of the most popular karaoke tracks, from Frank Sinatra to Justin Bieber. There is something for everyone of all age groups. All tracks people love to sing, no in-fill tracks to make up numbers

Karaoke equipment fits in a smart car boot.

They are compact enough to fit in the boot of a mini or a smart car, allowing easy transportation.

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