Bridal Mask Episode 10 - Live Recap pt. 2

There are plans inside the gift she brought, about the city and plans for it. He then asks if this is the club that Kangto goes to, and the server says "of course" then leaves. Kangto watches Mokdan do the laundry and he starts to reminisce of the past and smiles. Shunji comes along and stares at Mokdan. Shunji says for Kangto to tie her up, and he cant believe his own words but then must be strong. She looks heart broken. Shunji walks off. Shunji looks at her from a distance and Shunji looks sorry inside. You can tell shunji feels like he's becoming a heartless monster. At the laundromat, mokdan runs away while 3 of her dads spies come in as laundry people. Kangto dresses in Gaksital and meets up with Mokdan in the forest. Mokdan says thank you so much and shes comforted that he is alive. He doesnt say a word and she tears up and says thank you a million times ^^ she also says that her father would like to meet him because he fights for the same side. She says that he can meet him at a coffee shop and so she will let him know. She asks for him to help her father just once. He rides off! Kangto is back at Baekkons hide out, thinking. Mokdans father is also pondering about what to do with the troublesome Kangto looking over Mokdan's shoulder. go to part 3!! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

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