Things to avoid saying to guys!

There are many times when you will hear that guys and girls talk a different language. There are many times that us girls will just sit up nights thinking "how does he not get it?!" I mean seriously how can I make it easier for him? Then I spoke with some guy friends, and I realized that maybe I am not getting it. Miscommunication might be the number #1 killer of relationships, and him being silent does not help solve the problem right? But one guy friend I have (he is kind of my non-gay gay bff - seriously like love that guy!) stomped me this weekend with a simple question, "have you stopped to wonder why he is silent?" He says there are certain things that girls say that drive guys crazy to the point of just shutting down (I think some part of it is still trying to defend themselves but it did make sense). So I recommend that if you want your man to talk to you like a man, and not pout like a baby, then I suggest you lay off these expressions: Do you know what you did wrong? Why do you do something just so that you say sorry later? You didn't call me because I said you don't need to call me? Are you finally tired of me? You changed. Whatever. Whatever. You are all the same! This is sooo cute! Stop nitpicking, I'm in a bad mood. That's your problem (this apparently got my friend really revved up) OK. I will go to bed. Have fun Should I tell you why? I'm not mad at you (we all know when) I'm leaving Do whatever you want What are you gonna do if I say I love someone else? Why can't you understand me? What are you gonna do today? (this one is ridiculous! I am keeping this one haha) What should we eat today? (then complain about his choice) Do you have to find my faults like that? Can't you just overlook it? I have something to say So girls, try to avoid most of these, and try to understand that communication is a two way street. If anybody has any experience with these or wants to add more, then please let us know!

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