Here’s What You Need to Know About the Electronic Overhead Traveling (EOT) Crane

EOT crane manufacturer in Aurangabad

Thanks to its unique structure, this crane easily maneuvers loads unhindered in various indoor and outdoor environments, including material storage yards, factories and warehouses. The EOT crane plays an important role in modern transportation and industrial production. Industries and sectors that use the EOT include

*Steel and iron industries


*Port terminals

*Railway transportation


crane manufacturer in Aurangabad

The reduction installation position determines the trolley’s rotation mode. One configuration type involves installation of the reduction in center of the active wheel to enhance balance using the trolley reduction’s torque and the rotation shaft’s two sides. The other configuration type involves installation of the reduction on one end of the active wheel. This method makes installation and maintenance easier but destabilizes the trolley body twist.

Operating an EOT Crane

When you obtain an EOT crane from a crane manufacturer in Aurangabad, they will likely provide the following drive modes.

1. Concentrated driving. An electric motor drives the long shaft.

2. Separate driving. Separate motors drive both sides of the active wheel.

3. Three-in-one mode. Relies on an assembly that comprises an electric motor, a reducer and a brake.

The following are the requirements for operating the EOT crane.

1. The crane can move heavy weights in the right, left, down, up, back and front directions.

2. The crane must have a reliable brake device to prevent it from dropping heavy weight, especially during power outages.

3. The crane must have a wide speed range. Its acceleration should start low and increase gradually.

4. The crane must have a short-time overload protection measure to mitigate speeding or overload hazards. Many EOT crane rely on over current relay for circuit overload protection.

5. The crane must have missing-voltage protection.

6. The crane must have all the necessary security measures.

When looking for a reliable EOT crane manufacturer in Aurangabad, make sure that the cranes they offer meet all the above safety requirements.

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