Why shaker doors invariably meet the mark time and again

Picking up a preferred style of cabinet doors is a complicated task because each of the styles brings something nice to the table and works nicely under certain unique circumstances. But when one chooses the most unique style among the lot, shaker doors meet the bill like nothing else.

Shaker doors derive their name from the shaker community that dates back to the mid-1800s. The community had a passion for homemade wooden furniture.

Shaker doors are characterized by the simplicity of their construction, which never fails to look elegant. The style has been vastly popularized over the decades by the vast number of homeowners who have chosen to go for shaker doors.

Shaker doors are versatile and work nicely with just about any design choice. Let us take a look at the reasons why:

An ageless look

Shaker doors are synonymous with a kitchen design that goes beyond trendiness and transcends the boundaries of agelessness. They have a certain degree of simplicity associated with the designs. Shaker doors feature a flat central panel, laid back like a picture frame. The four frames towards the borders are raised. The look is generically straightforward. They make the look of the cabinet doors more relevant for decades down the line.

Unconditionally popular

Traditionalists and modernists frequently have different tastes, which tend to reflect over their choices. Shaker doors find the preferences of traditionalists and modernists alike.

The timelessness of a shaker door creates its appeal for a traditionalist homeowner. If one wants more detailing for the cabinet door, one has a choice at going for ornate door handles/pulls.

Clean lines of shaker doors, on the other hand, work nicely from a modernist’s perspective. So if one intends to go for transitional kitchen design, shaker doors are more likely than not to meet one’s taste. Decorative columns combine with the simplicity of a modernistic design upon using shaker doors.

Matchless versatility

Shaker doors ensure an exquisite look for the living environment, irrespective of whether one chooses to paint them or uses a colored laminate. They are versatile and allow a homeowner to meet his styling preferences in the best of ways.

Many people prefer to go for wood stains when using shaker doors. The broad panels of the doors towards the sides of the doors act as a medium to highlight the natural grain patterns of wood. This creates a nice effect and introduces warmth within the living environment.

Maintenance is easier

A low maintenance design is one of the important factors defining the selection of cabinet doors. Shaker doors make the mark as they are easier to clean. There are no odd ridges to clean up, and the accumulation of grease or debris is lesser. A wipe-clean is all takes to clean them up. Doors with a laminate finish are often the easiest to maintain.

Within budgets

Shaker doors are often affordable and not too expensive. With the timelessness of their design, one may not want to go for a refurbishment project that involves the cabinet doors for years down the line.

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