How do I choose the right Fitted Wardrobes

The style of wardrobe you select depends on what you like and what is practical for the room layout. A good starting point when choosing your built-in wardrobe is looking at the room size, shape and layout. How you use your fitted bedroom furniture and the bedroom space you have. For example, a kids room wardrobe and layout would be different from a spare bedroom that is used as an office space. The lighting in the room also plays a key part when designing and selecting the colours and finishes of the fitted bedroom furniture.

There are many different styles of fitted wardrobes in the market. The best thing about fitted wardrobes is you get a wider selection and can custom build to your room layout. Unlike traditional wardrobes, built-in wardrobes allow you to maximise storage by utilising the full height of the room and building around awkward spaces.

Fitted wardrobes – Hinged doors

Hinged door wardrobes are still a popular choice for most built in wardrobes space. Hinged doors can be used in awkward spaces, unlike sliding door wardrobes where you need a straight line fit. Hinged door wardrobes also allow you to open more than one area of the wardrobe. All doors can be open at the same time when room space is being shared with a partner this may be ideal. The inside of hinged doors is often used for extra functionality, many add a mirror inside the door, or kids often use it to display posters.

Hinged wardrobe doors are the most versatile fitted wardrobes. They can be designed in traditional or modern finishes with door handles to give it a character. Long door handles are a new trend that gives it a sleek finish. Glass door wardrobes are also a popular choice for an elegant luxury look and feel.

Fitted wardrobes – Sliding Doors

Sliding doors as doors which slide across, unlike hinged doors that open outwards. Sliding doors are a popular choice for the modern look. There is great flexibility in designing a sliding wardrobe with a great choice of door size, styles and finishes. The greatest benefit of sliding wardrobe is that it takes up less space in the room as it doesn’t require the space for opening. Many opt to choice sliding wardrobes where space between the bed and wardrobe is tight.

Sliding door wardrobe is a versatile fitted wardrobe option. With different panel configuration options, you can design a room that can give it a true bespoke character. Mirror panels are often used to break up the design and allow light to flow into the room.

Walk-in wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is the luxury of fitted wardrobes. If you are fortunate to have the space to have a walk-in wardrobe it is important to design your wardrobe and make the best use of the space. Clothes and accessories displayed on open rails and shelves in a walk-in wardrobe can create the effect of a high-end clothing boutique.

Walk-in wardrobes make finding clothes easier but need to be kept tidy and clutter-free. Many customers opted for a combination of a walk-in with some hinge doors or sliding doors to cover some areas.

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