[Live Recaps] I Do I Do (Korean Drama) EP 10

------------------------------ Hello everyone, I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) --- >JiAn went to hospital and waited for the treatment. Oh no! A woman read her book!! She tried to escape but EunSung catched her. >JiAn participated in a pre-mom class and did an exercise . Her baby's nickname is "ankle". She did an image training. -EunSung : Imagine when you were happy. Then, JiAn remembered the time with TaeKang:) >NaRi wore the shoes which TaeKang reformed. She gave shoes to TaeKang as a present. >TaeKang&NaRi and JiAn&EunSung meet by chance and eat lunch together. - EunSung : (To JiAn) You have your eyes on TaeKang. Why do you mind him? It's because he is father of baby? -JiAn : ....Yes...But he's nothing. He's like dust to me. OMG.. TaeKang heard that......... > During the meeting, JiAn had a morning sickness. She was so embarrassed! TaeKang said, "Milk has gone bad!" He was scolded..:( TaeKang made sculpt shoes for JiAn. Hmm..but JiAn got angry. She wanted to hide her emotion... >CEO(NaRi's mother) visited JiAn's office and found her nutritional supplements. Oh.. something strange! OMG CEO made a secret investigation of JiAn and found her pregnancy...... >After market research, TaeKang sent JiAn home. EunSung paid a surprise visit-_- JiAn was so tired and TaeKang lifted her into his arms.. EunSung saw it and got shocked! TaeKang found his sculptures in JiAn's shoe room:) OHHHHHHH When JiAn and TaeKang went to park to sketch, JiAn drew TaeKang and he saw the drawings..!!! -TaeKang : Please tell me the truth.. Why did you draw the sketch?? Why..? AND THEY KISSED *_* >OMG! Jake and NaRi visted to TaeKang. - Jake : Let's go to America with me. Do internship in my company. It's amazing chance for you. I saw your shoes not only reformed one for NaRi but also contest one. I found your talent. You will earn more money than now. >CEO gave a book on prenatal education to JiAn. - CEO : So, when will you get married? - JiAn : Sorry.. I don't have a plan to get married. - CEO : You misunderstand something.. Here is shoe company. We sell images.. but will you be a single mom?? - JiAn : I will give up the CEO election.... -CEO : ..What? ------------------------------------ Today's kiss scene was disappointed..-_- I want more!!! It was too short! lol Now Jake sees a possibility of TaeKang! Will TaeKang go to America?? And will JiAn give up the CEO position? It was her dream. She worked really hard for the position... If I were JiAn, hmm..... I don't know.. It's very difficult situation.. Can't JiAn get all of two(baby and CEO position)?? What do you think?

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