database administrators

Data Administrator (DA) and Database Administrator (DBA)

Both of these terms – Data administrator and Database administrator – seem to be similar. Though they both are responsible for managing database for an organization they both are different from each other in their required skills and responsibilities.

data administrator and database administrator

Data administrator (DA)

“The data administrator may be a person within the organization who controls the info of the database.”

DA determines what data to be stored in database supported requirements of the organization.

DA is involved more within the requirements gathering, analysis, and style phases.

DA may be a manager or some senior level person in a corporation who understands organizational requirements with reference to data.

DA doesn't got to be a technical person, but any quite knowledge about database technology are often more beneficiary.

In short, DA is a business focused person, but, he/she should understand more about the database technology.

Database administrator (DBA)        

“The database administrator may be a person within the organization who controls the planning and therefore the use of the database.”


DBA is involved more within the design, development, testing and operational phases.

DBA may be a technical person having knowledge of database technology.

DBA doesn't got to be a business person, but any quite knowledge about an functionality of a corporation are often more beneficiary.

In short, DBA is a technically focused person, but, he/she should understand more about the business to administer the databases effectively.

Functions and Responsibilities of DBAs.

1. Schema definition :

The DBA defines the logical schema of the database. A schema refers to the general logical structure of the database.

According to this schema database are going to be developed to store required data for a corporation .

2.Storage structure and access method definition :

The DBA decides how the info is to be represented within the stored database.

Based on this, storage structure of the database and access methods of knowledge is defined.

3.Assisting application programmers :

The DBA provides assistance to application programmers to develop application programs.


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