Importance of Colours of Flower in Life

Flowers are colorful living beings. Nature has blessed them with vivid and vibrant hues that bring in cheer and optimism to the surrounding. That is why flowers are natural choices for men and women when they are sad, in despair, and in grief.

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The significance of different colored flowers is as follows:

1. Red is one of the most commonly seen colors in flowers. Red stands for romance, love, energy, and passion. Red-colored flowers, especially red roses are the most preferred flowers during Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, and other events for expression of love for the other person.

2. White – this color universally stands for innocence, peace, purity, and pristine. This is why white flowers are the chosen blooms when attending a funeral. It is also the color that is sent across to someone who is ill and admitted to a hospital. As the color stands for totality and unity, white-colored flowers are also used during weddings in Western countries.

3. Yellow – stands for friendship, cheerfulness, and brightness. When you send yellow flowers in Lucknow to a close one, you mean to strengthen your friendly relations with him or her.

4. Orange – is one of the brightest colors and stands for energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. You generally send orange-colored flowers when you are interested in someone passionately and romantically.

5. Pink – stands for sweetness, gentleness, grace, and elegant beauty. Exchanging pink color flowers is a way to communicate happiness of mind. Choose fresh petite pink flowers from an online flower shop in Lucknow to send as a congratulatory and laudatory message.

6. Peach – is a rare color in flowers and is sent when you wish to show your gratitude and appreciation for someone. The color denotes elegance and is one of the trendiest ways to say a ‘Thank You’.

7. Green – colors are far and few. You have green carnations, roses, and chrysanthemums. There are also green Zinnia and Gladiolus. Green is a color that signifies rebirth, revival, growth, and regeneration. It also denotes a balancing point between the brain and the heart.

8. Black – is also a rare color. Some of the floral species that are prominently found in this color are black dahlia, black lily, night tulip, black velvet petunia, black pansy, black rose and more. Black is often symbolic of darkness, hideous, hidden, and more. It also stands for power on one hand and negative powers on the other. Often, this color of flower is usually not exchanged between people. On the contrary, people who love the black color are the ones who order these rare colored flowers from online florists to decorate their homes and working space.


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