What to wear to meet his parents

The first time you meet your boyfriend's family, you want to dress to impress while remaining comfortable and you. It can definitely be a nerve-wracking experience, so incorporating some of your favorite colors or accessories can help calm your jitters. Dressing to impress Before you meet, ask your man about his family. What were some of his favorite memories from childhood? What do his parents like to do? What kind of people are they? You'd want to wear something totally different if his parents were doctors and lawyers than if they were artists. This can help you determine their tastes and styles, so you can dress appropriately for the occasion. Above all, you don't want to come off as overdressed, as that could leave you appearing snobbish. Likewise, underdressing for the occasion could lead his folks to conclude that you're not good enough for their son. As a general rule, wear something that you feel comfortable in so your natural confidence will come through. Stay away from anything that's too trendy or too form fitting. If you know you're a klutz and you're afraid that you might spill wine on your blouse or trip while walking, for example, stick to dark colors or wear flats instead of heels. For a casual weekend day meeting, try skinny jeans (in dark wash), a cowl neck sweater, riding boots and a low pony in your hair. If you want to dress it up a bit, add a statement necklace. If you're doing a dinner, put on a form fitting (but not tight) dress that doesn't show off your cleavage too much. Add a sweater so you can cover up if it's chilly, and dress in flats so you'll be comfy. A clutch or a pair of nice earrings can jazz it up a bit. What not to wear Things could veer way off track if you show up in something scandalous. Steer clear of: • Metallics - Except in accessories, tone it down for the day. • Too-tight clothing - Clothing should graze your body, not cling to it. Trust me, his parents would prefer it left to the imagination. • Age-inappropriate wear - Dress your age, not younger or older than you are as this can give the wrong impression. Above all, smile, relax and be you. His parents will see that you genuinely care about their son, and you'll soon be chatting about his quirks.

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