body composition (body mass)

where are the kidneys located :

Kidney is a bean shaped glandular organ. Each kidney is approximately 11 cm long 5 cm wide 2.5 cm thick, each of them weighs about 150 gms.

Kidney work as filter and purifies the blood, if sometimes the level of sugar salt or water in blood exceeds kidneys excrete the excess amount. They also regulate the formation of urine according to the exigencies of the situation thus do not allow the blood to become extra thick or thin. The undesirable acids and bases of the blood begin of the body as urine.

Each kidney has millions of coile & capillaries, blood enters the kedneys through the renal artery and passes through these capillaries and dissolved impurities are filtered out. The impurities removed form the blood pass from thee kidneys to bladder. Normally an ordinary person passes 1.5 liters of urine in one day.

 Lungs function :

Lungs function are a pair of rubbery organs which are positioned in the chest, well protected by the rib cage. Their function is to taken in oxygen needed for respiration and to pass out waste carbon dioxide and water vapours from the body. The oxygen come from the air breathed in through the trachea. The trachea divides in to bronchi and these divide in to bronchioles, which ends into tiny air saces called alveoli, which is more than 300 millions big blood vessel from the guts referred to as arteria pulmonalis divides in to 2 branches, each getting to one among the lungs function. here they divide again and again until they become tiny blood vessels called capillaries. The oxygen breathed into the alveoli passes through the skinny alveoli walls and enters the capillaries from the guts . Once this exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide has taken place, thee bright red oxygen laden blood goes in to the pulmonary veins and back to the heart to be pumped around the body.

Blood diseases :

Many kinds of bacteria and viruses affect the heart, blood diseases vessels and blood and creates health problem. The Leukemia is a disease which effect one or more of the types of white blood cells. They become cancerous and unable to carry out their roles and multiply out of control. The illness anemia is caused by a deformation of red blood cells which decline body’s ability t carry oxygen around the body. This creates fatigue, paleness and fainting. Heart valves can become lose or frayed so that they do not close fully allowing blood flow the wrong way. They may also become stiff and unable to open fully. This causes the infection in the valve. Blockage in the coronary artery may bring the heart disease. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) attacks certain types of white blood diseases cells. Hypertension responsible for causing heart disease.

Heart structure

The red story blood

Nervous system function

Your brain


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