The camera invention and Other Electronic machine

Instant Camera

Polaroid Land camera

The inspiration for his invention came in 1943 during a family vacation, when he snapped a photograph of his daughter. The three-year-old was impatient to see the results, and even as Land was explaining that she would have to wait, he was formulating the first plans for his instant camera.

 Camera history (Auto focus camera)


Digital cameras

Though they often appear as if traditional film cameras, digital cameras take pictures electronically. The image is captured by charge-coupled devices (or CCDs, light sensitive semiconductors) and generated as pixels then stored as a file. After the picture is taken, it can be immediately seen-there is no photo processing involved. Digital camera technology has been a boon to photo journalists and other professional photographers, and continues to make headway in the consumer market of the late 1990s. indeed, more than 2 million digital cameras were sold in 1997.

George Eastman



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Count Alessandro Volta


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The first answering machine


Baby Incubator


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